10 Best Fitness Trackers for Active Moms in 2016

Wearables Sales on Track to Stay Fit–Coveted Mothers Day Gifts

wearables-global-sales-chartIn 2014, 14M fitness trackers were sold worldwide vs. only 4M smartwatches. Then came the Apple Watch (and other improved smartwatches) creating 26 million smartwatches sold in 2015 vs. 25M fitness trackers. Forecasts* for 2016 predict a combined 84 million to be sold in 2016 (38M fitness trackers + 46M smartwatches).

Until this recent introduction of smartwatches, Fitbit has dominating global sales of the small activity tracking wearables market. Now, feature packed smartwatches help their owners track more health related measurement, as well as providing clear instant notifications of these measurements and personal communication alerts. They can coach, train and motivate, as well as keeping us connected to our immediate world. As a result, Fitbit and most other basic fitness tracker brands have developed new “smart” trackers to remain relevant and competitive.

FatWallet’s newest Wearable Technology Deals category, and a Smart Home Deals category, are fast becoming one of the most popular features, leading expectations that these developing products will be one of the most highly coveted Mother’s Day gift this year. Why, wearables help moms be healthier, more efficient with their time and ultimately, keep them connected to the most important people in the lives…their families and friends.

10 Best Fitness Trackers for Active Moms:

fitbit-blaze-dealsFitbit Blaze

The experts are calling it a “smart” fitness watch, which is an upgrade to other fitbit fitness trackers if you want a little more connection than other Fitbit fitness trackers. Basically it tracks daily activity, workouts and heart rate very accurately, and you can monitor all your call, text, and calendar notifications (you just can’t respond). One big plus of a bigger “watch vs. tracker” is the ability to follow FitStar on-screen workouts, and, at first glance, it resembles an Apple Watch and comes in 3 colors and 2 sizes at Walmart for $197.97 +Free Shipping.


fitbit-alta-dealsFitbit Alt

A super slim, stylish version of the Fitbit Charge HR with swappable bands, basic phone notifications and excellent battery life that does basic workout and sleep tracking (minus heart rate and waterproofing, which should be coming in the Alta HR version for holiday shoppers). Basically, it’s the most stylish slim banded Fitbit to date,so if style is your thing, the Alta is readily available as a Mother’s Day gift in 5 colors and 3 sizes at Macy’s for $129 +Free Shipping.


apple-watch-sport-dealsApple Watch Sport

Unlike most fitness trackers, the Apple Watch is a truesmartwatch that is sleek and light and while providing comfort and extreme durability. It’s also stylish and comes with 22 band options which are easily interchangeable. Like all fitness wearables, it requires a wireless connection (iPhone) to display notifications or GPS, but unlike others, you can respond and answer calls. Siri is onboard to make life easier with a plethora of onboard fitness tracking features and third party apps for additional tracking features. Available in 7 colors starting at Best Buy for $299.00 +Free Shipping.


xiaomi-mi-bandXiaomi Mi Band

An incredibly cheap, simple, water-resistant fitness tracker that measures your steps and sleep patterns. That said, it’s only compatible with Android devices. There is no display, just 3 programmable target lights that signal from gestures. If you can find one, it’s an inexpensive way to see if a fitness tracker is something you’ll utilize. Available at Rakuten for $25.95 +Free Shipping.


garmin-vivosmart-dealsGarmin Vivosmart HR

A 24/7 heart rate, sleep and fitness tracker that also has a touch-screen display showing all your smartphone notifications, including emails, calls, social media, music controls and weather alerts. Vivosmart HR tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes and has a programmable, silent buzzing alarm. It’s also water-proof and comes in black, purple or blue at Crutchfield for $129.99 + Free Shipping.


jawbone-up-3-dealsJawbone UP3

Stylish, super-slim and comfortable with no screen, Up3 fitness tracker has limited heart rate and sleep tracking. However, the Jawbone App is a great user-friendly feature for tracking most fitness measurement and offers great coaching and lifestyle tracking. The Up3 is not water-proof, but users do like it because it is so small. Now available in 8 colors, find it at Groupon for $129.99 + Free Shipping.


mio-fuse-dealsMio Fuse

Real sporty look, this fitness tracker houses an accurate optical heart rate in a super comfortable design with great battery life. It will record time, calories, steps, distance (estimated) and goal. If you’re looking for a bit pricey, no-non-sense tracker (Android and iOS) that has at the feel that it was designed for the sports world, it available at Target for $129.99.


adidas-fit-smart-dealAdidas MiCoach Fit Smart

This rubberised band-style wearable is contoured and comfortable, designed specifically for runners. It’s not a daily tracker, but rather a run trainer as it’s main features are focused on a built-in accelerometer (vs. GPS), a Mio Alpha-powered heart rate sensor and extensive training modes that track running time, speeds zones, distance and calories. If your in to running and training, this may be the budget tracker of you. Available at Best Buy for $141.99.


samsung-gear-2-dealsSamsung Gear 2

A 24/7 smartwatch that keeps track of your activities throughout the day and is dust and water resistant design. Gear Fit features a built-in heart rate monitor and basic fitness tracking, plus most smartphone notifications allowing touch-screen functionality that include Samsung Pay. The design is streamlined for the active person and connects to third party apps for more intense training and fitness tracking capabilities. Priced at Sears for $299.94.


basis-peak-dealsBasis Peak

A workhorse activity tracker with a sleek watch style design. It’s main feature is a “real-time” heart rate and sleep tracker with a big touch-screen display. If you can wait for the oncoming upgrade to allow smartphone notifications, this soon to be smart fitness tracker is priced nice at Amazon for $199.