brent_faceBy Day: I am a high energy PR Specialist, Content Strategist and Recruiter for ( and I also do contract consulting for other businesses that seek high level media coverage and content development. I work directly with mainstream and regional media, journalists, reporters and bloggers, providing them press releases, consumer trends, data, forecasts and in-depth insights. I love to work with media partners to help them nail a story and successfully educate consumers to be smarter with their money. See MEDIA MENTIONS.

I’m a tech and news junkie with more than 20 years of marketing experience within the advertising, content development, corporate recruitment and public relations world. I write/blog about personal finance, retail trends and other marketing ventures to help build brand awareness and increase customer acquisition. I can drastically help your SEO authority and am also proficient at managing content on within web sites and social media channels, as well as carrying a heavy background in recruitment strategies and project management. It’s all a great gig!


bs_strat_lennonBy Night: I am a veteran musician who actively writes, records and performs original indie-rock (see current project Mana Kintorso). Over the years I’ve toured the Midwest, opened for the likes of Parliament, Liquid Soul, Blue Oyster Cult and jammed with a long list of talented musicians. I’ve written, recorded and produced several albums and rocked out for thousands of people at hundreds of shows. I’m also a home brew enthusiast and member of the Forest City Brewers, as well as a podcaster and founder of With all that, I’m a husband, father and dog lover that enjoys parading my ‘pups’ around the neighborhood. What could be better!