PR Consulting

Publicity rarely happens by accident…
when by ‘chance’ lightening does strike,
the boon fades fast to succeeding storms.

Then what? PR isn’t rocket science. It’s more like specialized sales. A wise NBC Producer once told me, “Hope is not a PR strategy…Do or DO NOT. PR isn’t advertising…it’s telling stories, sharing data and creating relationships…with communicators and their audiences.

With a little insight from you, market research and focused teamwork, we can get you and your company noticed in the media. We can provide media and social strategies that engage potential and existing customers. And we can help you develop and position quality online content and effective messaging that converts viewers into new customers.

Making the search engines smile!

Public Relations

Catch Consulting provides services for both Public Relations and Content Marketing/Management, including:

  • Public and Media Relations
    – Strategy Consulting
    – Press Release Management
    – Media Outreach
    – Media Kits
  • Business Identity, Collateral and Advertising
    – Strategy Consulting
    – Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing / Consulting
  • Blog / Online Content Creation
  • Copy Writing / Editing
    – Technical Writing
    – Documentation
    – Email Marketing
    – Online Content Creation
  • Web Content Development / Management
  • Project Management

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