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Bats by the thousands circle downtown Madison. I shot this for a while (via iPhone) walking from The Old Fashioned to the Great Dane down by the capital, so look close to get the full perspective. Btw: both have a generous selection of Wisconsin beers, The Old Fashioned championing about 160, 30 on tap all at $4 or less…yum!

At certain times, the sky was 50% black. This is not the first time I’ve seen this kind of bat activity in a metro city area (think Gotham…meets cheese), but it sure is interesting when it does happen. My guess is that the seasonal insects are the cause. Or, perhaps the lawmakers were just out for a recess before reconvening to figure out new ways to suck even more out of us. Holy bat sheet mon:/

Fellow Scot Paolo Nutini with Jenny Don’t Be Hasty. This vid, I believe, was a studio stop off @ Bush Studios UK while also performing at the infamous Isle of Wight Festival in 2006.

If I could get a new singing voice, I think it would be somewhere in Paolo’s favor. Cool, raspy and very real. He’s a rare talent. I’m sure he’s fine with his rebellion to become a roadie instead of working in his father’s fish and chips business. And so are we.


Mike Giant’s Process.

Mike Giant shows us how he does his amazing drawings.

-courtesy of supersonicelectronic

The Giggle Test (or, tests that make you giggle)

Forgive me if I’m behind on this find – this site is worth the visit if you just need a laugh. And although I can see where frustration may set in, as a teacher, these circumstances (at least the witty ones) would certainly add variety to the grading process. Plus, they all go down better with a glass of vino. A for affort Junior!

Emily Hurd LIVE on Cafe Improv

…and in Rockford this Friday with yours truly. I know, I’m on a video kick lately, as well as, this is my second Emily Hurd post recently. Of course that’s because I’m really looking forward to opening for her album release show May 21 at the Brewhouse in Rockford.

This video is just a example of why Damion and I are so stoked…Emily makes me wanna kick back, block out everything else and just take it all in. Plus, it’s been a long time since the two of us have done a little impromptu duet (now that Mana Kintorso has taken on a life of its own as a 5-piece indie rock band). Bonus! We have a surprise cover song for you MK early adoptors (see previous post for a clue).

The show starts at 7:30 sharp! $10 at the door. Hope you can make it.


Radiohead, or more appropriately, Thom Yorke studio solo version of Nice Dream. I remember my first listen, I was enchanted and have been a big fan ever since. Excellent headphones song. This version shows Yorke’s prowess as a guitar player and solo performer. The album version (from The Bends – my fave RH work) will blow your head off if you’re not ready. The dynamics are to die for. If you don’t own it, get it, you won’t regret it.

Stereophonics – Innocent

My favorite band keeps dishing out great tunes. Innocent, featured here in their video from the new Keep Calm and Carry On album, their seventh. This is another good example of simple timeless pop rock at its best. Music that you can get lost to: The story telling, even about something like this tragedy can have such an upbeat delivery where first listens might fool you to think it’s a happier time.

Can’t wait for the North American tour this fall, hopefully. Perhaps Americans will finally get in tune with what the rest of the world has already discovered…a really killer band!

Regardless of the copyright violation dispute of the artwork for their new album (pictured), I love Elsinore. A colleague caught a show recently and turned me on to their ‘The Chemicals EP’, which has yet to exit my head in nearly a week.

This power pop rock five piece is simply magical, with a dreamy realism. The song writing, orchestration and lyricism is very Queen-like…it has that timeless but new, good new, feel to it that only happens along about once a year (for me).


Check out the link and the comments about the copyright debate whether this is a heist from a Lichtenstein interpretation from someone else. It’s almost as fascinating as their music. My opinion regarding use of the artwork: The album title says it all!

Squatting in the Margin: That’s what Emily Hurd’s mom would say. Emily, pictured here with a touch of retro-Joplinesque peeking out from the camera lens, is a star-in-the-making. No, scratch that, she’s a star. Some A&R star-in-the-making is going to retire when they happen to discover and unveil her vast galaxy. I discovered this really inspiring blog post from Emily reflecting on her “marginal existence”. She’s not so marginal when it comes to introspection (thank goodness).

Emily has been a busy lady. Mindfully blogging daily, traveling and performing consistently and writing music endlessly…her sixth album, ‘Daytime Fireflies’, is now here for you to discover. I’m excited and honored to be asked, along w/my fellow collaborator Damion Davis) to open up for her CD release show at the Brew House in Rockford, IL on May 21 (start 7:30pm). Can’t wait for this one!

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Enter the Sons of Sylvia

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Enter the Sons of Sylvia

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