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Reminds me of the old Apple Tree Records back in the day. That was where/how we found out about new bands (pre-cyberspace). Something about that big piece of art associated with vinyl and the physical task of putting the record on really made you listen harder.

The Music Stack has the goods if you’re looking to to find something to spin.

Metz Functional Art – This is cool furniture. Even Gene Simmons is said to approve. Thanks to my daily Thrillist newsletter for the great Chicago feature of Metz Functional Art. I would look good rockin’ and writing songs in this slick seat. Of course, quality of sound varies with the occupant:D

This is Gibson Jones-Gibson for short. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Red Poodle mix-genuinely cute, smart as a whip and as loyal as they come. I felt like my first tumble should start with an innocent photo of something young, energetic and appropriately named after a great guitar maker and my favorite musician, Kelly Jones of Stereophonics. Gibson waits patiently at the front window each evening for me to return from my daytime occupation at FatWallet. He’ll be my inspiration and a reminder to always be real and authentic with each tumble forward.

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