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4 Tips for Booking Better Hotel Deals

Vacationers seek tools to help find travel savings from online hotel deals and summer vacation packages in May.

hotel-deals[via Newswire] Mid-May, just outside of the “30 days to summer” mark, is when travel retailers and agents ramp up vacation bookings with a variety of packages, specifically discounted to fill up seasonal inventory. Consumers can spend hours sorting out options, looking for the best savings that also fulfills their travel needs. This year, 42% will spend more than $1500 on their next vacation and 72% book vacations 1-6 months out, with 12% who do not book ahead and just go and take what’s available. ( Vacation Spending Survey)

The majority of vacationers will book online, especially hotel rooms where 2 out of 3 bookings are made via the internet, and almost 7 in 10 are same day hotel reservations made via mobile device. In fact, hotel reservations are the #1 online travel sales revenue resource. As mobile searches for hotels and reservations are on the increase, surprisingly more than 67% of mobile searches occur at home or work, with only 17% on the go.

While 81% of travelers find hotel reviews important and 49% say they won’t book without reading reviews, travelers say site usability is even more important to them. Time is money, and finding resources that cut the average 20+ sites travelers visit before they book is a big advantage. These four smart tactics can ease the pain of sorting through hundreds of booking possibilities to find hidden travel savings.

SPECIAL SAVINGS BONUS: FatWallet is offering the highest cash back from hotel booking sites with 8% from both Priceline and Expedia through Memorial Day – Priceline is increasing that to a whopping 16% cash back on Thursday, May 14.

TIP: Use OTA (Online Travel Agents) or Metasearch sites to compare value – save time.

One advantage of using an online travel agent is that they do the research (or search) for the best available hotel rates for you. These sites include well known OTAs like Expedia, Priceline and Orbitz. They have access to the majority of hotel inventory (available rooms) and often negotiate exclusive hotel deals that you can’t find anywhere else. Metasearch sites are similar (TripAdvisor, Kayak, Trivago), but they aggregate hotel deals from both hotels and OTAs, giving travelers a quick overview of “all” the booking possibilities available to them. Using one of these sites can help travelers trim down the time it takes to research and find the lowest rates, or the best value. Sometimes location and/or amenities are more important than the final price, and these sites help travelers vet out the best booking scenario for each specific trip.

Tip: Book rooms with free cancellation, then monitor pricing.

This is a great savings tactic if you can be flexible with your hotel choice and have the time to monitor prices. Do the normal research and book the best hotel deal you can find with “cancelable rates” (best to double check that the room you want to book offers free cancellations, especially at check-out). Then, watch pricing of all hotels in the area you’re willing to swap out. Chances are quite good you’ll find a better deal, so now you can cancel the original booking. Even you don’t find a better deal, you’re ready to travel.

TIP: Last minute booking offers deep discounts for flexible travelers.

Booking spur-of-the-moment short trips, weekend getaways or friends and family visits last minute can lead to big savings, if you’re willing to take what’s available. You can find much cheaper rates by utilizing the “tonight” listings feature when visiting online travel agents (, Expedia, Travelocity), as most hotels will make it worthwhile to book you same day in order to fill their rooms. Mobile apps like HotelTonight and Jetsetter are built to help last minute travelers find deep discounts on unsold rooms, and offer ease of use on the go. Waiting for last minute booking discounts for longer, expensive trips and family vacation can be risky and not advised for the best hotel experience.

TIP: Before booking, click through cash back and coupon sites to add more savings.

Adding rewards and coupons is a smart thing to do every time you book a hotel room online, or for that matter, anytime you make an online purchase. These sites provide access to coupon codes from hundreds of travel booking sites that can save you instant money on purchases (including hotels, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines and vacation packages), let alone at thousands of retailers for travel needs and everyday items. Unlike most coupons sites, Cash Back shopping sites also share their profits with you in the form of rewards like cash back, or points. Rewards simply offer travel bookers extra money off their purchase, although it’s not always instant savings. Some sites, like and offer both coupons and cash back.

Note: Cash Back can be a big advantage if you’re earning cash back year round as the money you’ve been saving with all your purchases can be used as vacation spending money!! Or booking money. A free browser tool (FatWallet Express) will remind online shoppers when cash back is available so they don’t miss out on any added savings.



What to Buy in May 2015 – Shopping Tips

MAY Shopping Trends (via


May brings a surplus of opportunities to save money, especially on big ticket purchases and summer vacation bookings, if you know where and when to make purchases. Recently, there’s been 50% increase in Mother’s Day spending (upwards of $21.7 billion in 2013–NRF) and Memorial Day sales feature a week long of deep discounting on items like mattress sets, large appliances, furniture and high-priced outdoor living products like grills and patio sets. Add in primetime for vacation booking, and May has established itself as one of the higher spending months in the first half of the year.

May signals the “50 days to summer mark” that officially kicks off vacation booking season, when online travel retailers and online travel agents start pushing deals and savings on summer vacation packages, hotels, vacation rentals, car rental discounts and local deals and coupons for activities and events. FatWallet’s annual vacation spending survey reports that 8 in 10 Americans will go on vacation, with almost 60% taking vacations this summer – See full results and INFOGRAPHIC. (*TNS Global).

The study also reported that vacation bookings made with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) will increase by more than 50% this year. This should spark additional savings for online and mobile shoppers as consumers move their booking behaviors to the wireless world. Smart shoppers will take advantage of rewards, especially cash back, where FatWallet members can add savings from more than 100 travel sites and take advantage of exclusive cash back increases of up to 8% from Priceline, Expedia and many more.

Here’s when to shop, and what to buy in MAY:

Mother’s Day Sales – not just for moms:

In the past few years, the trend has been that moms want a day off, stress-free time and to be able to spend time with family, hopefully outdoors. That’s where local deals from sites like Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local, etc. can really make for the perfect storm of a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that offers deep savings. Whether that be a spa day, dinner and a movie, or more adventurous activities, local deals are a smart go to.

  • Flowers & Gifts: flowers, candy, books, crafts & supplies, jewelry
  • Home & Garden: cookware/kitchenware, pots, plants, tools, feeders, outdoor decor
  • Gift Cards: restaurants, retail, craft/fabric stores, electronics
  • Local Deals: dinner and drinks, spas, events, activities and getaways
  • Tech: tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras

Tip: Not sure what to get mom…Gift cards let moms go shopping for “free”. FatWallet features dozens of stores offering Mother’s Day discounts on e-gift cards–many with additional cash back savings, including Starbucks cards, iTunes gift cards and American Express.

Sports and Outdoors Deals – will run amuck:

  • Sports: golf, cycling, baseball, athletic apparel/shoes
  • Outdoors: fishing, cycling, running, camping, swimming, hiking

Tip: Many sports equipment items have trade-in value, especially golf clubs, bicycles and even some fishing gear which can save you up to 20% when upgrading (if you’ve taken care of your stuff).

Memorial Day Sales – shop them early to nab better stock:

This holiday has become the official kick-off of summer sales (or spring clearance – take your pick). That said, it is a premium time to grab discounts on big ticket items for the home, especially these listed below:

  • Home Furnishings: mattresses, furniture, bedroom sets, patio sets
  • Appliances: complete kitchen sets, refrigerators, freezers, washers & dryers, stoves/ranges
  • Clothing: kick-off of Summer Clothing Deals collides with Spring Fashion Clearance
  • Travel: Summer vacation bookings and hotel specials for a holiday weekend getaway

Tip: Like Black Friday, Memorial Day sales now start early with some a full week ahead–this provides those with holiday plans a chance to cash in on this big savings event.

Sales for Graduation and Wedding Gifts

Grads and newlyweds are celebrating new beginnings and need stuff. Retail sales events leading up to Memorial Day often feature savings on these items and many top stores will increase cash back to help you save more when purchasing gifts.

  • Apparel and Accessories: clothing, shoes, suits, dresses, jewelry and watches
  • Electronics: laptops, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, wireless gadgets
  • Home and Kitchen: small and large appliances, decor, bath and bedding

Tip: Look for huge Memorial Day discounts from retailers that stock these items.

Survey: Vacation Spending Flat for Americans in 2015

Half of all Americans share their vacations on Facebook

US vacation travel studyBasically flat from last year’s results, an April summer travel study reports that 8 in 10 Americans take vacations and more than 60% will go on at least one this year. The annual vacation spending survey from also reports 42% will spend +$1,500 on vacations this year (down slightly from 46% in 2014), and 10% will spend +$3,000 (13% in 2014). Meanwhile, 74% of vacationers say they save money via online for travel deals, and/or use miles, points, cash back rewards and timely credit card offers to make their family trips more affordable. (see official release)

INFOGRAPHIC: Travel Study Shows Vacations Are Trendy for a great visual to share with others.


Q: How often do you go on vacation?

  • 25% said More than once a year  (32% in 2014)
  • 33% said Once a year (27% in 2014)
  • 6% said Every other year (6 in 2014)
  • 17% said Every few years (18% in 2014)
  • 19% said Never (17% in 2014)

Note:  While, 6 in 10 take at least one vacation every year, 1 in 4 go more than once a year (more than 1 in 3 for those with annual income above $75k) and 1 in 5 said they never go on vacation (nearly 2 in 5 for those with annual income below $30k).

Q: How far in advance will you book your next vacation?

  • 2% said Last Minute (2% in 2014)
  • 12% said Less than 1 Month Ahead (15% in 2014)
  • 60% said 1- 6 Months Ahead (48% in 2014)
  • 14% said More 6 Months Ahead (11% in 2014)
  • 12% said I do not book ahead, I go and take what’s available

Note:  60% book vacations at 1-6 months ahead (up 25% from 2014) and 14% book vacations at least 6 months in advance (up 30% from 2014).

Q: Which resource has the most influence for finding vacation and travel information , opportunities or advice?

  • 2% said Tourist Boards (5% in 2014)
  • 5% said Travel Forums (28% in 2014)
  • 4% said Travel Magazines (7% in 2014)
  • 50% said Family and Friends (46% in 2014)
  • 3% said Vacation Rental (FRBO, AirBnB, etc.)
  • 8% said Travel Rewards/Points (8% in 2014)
  • 28% said Other

Note:  Half of those surveyed said friends and family have the most most influence on their vacations (up 8% from 2014) and 58% for those under age 40.

Q: How much do you plan to spend on your next vacation? (Select one)

  • 58% said Less than $1500 (54% in 2014)
  • 32% said $1501-$3000 (33% in 2014)
  • 10% said More than $3000 (13% in 2014)

Note:  42% will spend more than $1500 on their next vacation, 10% will spend more than $3k.

Q: Of the following hotel amenities, which are important to you?

  • 64% said Free Breakfast Buffet (67% in 2014)
  • 69% said Free WiFi (72% in 2014)
  • 65% said Free Parking (66% in 2014)
  • 46% said Pool/Spa (49% in 2014)
  • 13% said Pet Friendly (11% in 2014)
  • 19% said Fitness Center (19% in 2014)
  • 21% said Airport Shuttle (23% in 2014)

Note:  Free WiFi #1 hotel amenity for the second straight year for 7 in 10 (8 in 10 for those under age 30), while free parking was #2, swapping spots with Free Breakfast Buffet from 2014.

Q: How will you book your next vacation?

  • 22% said Travel Website (American, United, Ramada, Holiday Inn, etc.) (44% in 2014)
  • 31% said Online Travel Agent (Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia, etc.)
  • 6% said Local Travel Agent (7% in 2014)
  • 7% said Coupon/Deal Website (14% in 2014)
  • 2% said Cash Back Shopping Website (2% in 2014)
  • 32% said Other

Note:  New question revealed almost 1/3 book vacations via online travel aggregators, and the use of coupons sites like FatWallet and Ebates that offer deals with cash back has doubled from 2014.

Q: What are you most likely to use to help save on booking your next?

  • 13% said Cash Back Rewards (13% in 2014)
  • 16% said Miles or Points (18% in 2014)
  • 39% said Special Online Offers and Deals (42% in 2014)
  • 7% said Credit Card Offers (7% in 2014)

Note:  Nearly 3 in 10 use rewards to save on booking (cash back, points or miles). 4 in 10 plan to use online deals to save on their next vacation.

Q: Which of these devices will you use to book your next vacation ?

  • 74% said Computer/Laptop (83% in 2014)
  • 7% said Tablet (4% in 2014)
  • 7% said Smartphone (5% in 2014)
  • 12% said Other

Note:  14% will use a mobile device to book their next vacation (up 56% from 2014), 21% of those under age 30 use a mobile device to book vacations, and 74% book using a laptop or computer (down 12% from 2014).

Q: Which are you most likely to purchase for use on your next vacation?

  • 12% said Luggage (12% in 2014)
  • 26% said Swimwear (28% in 2014)
  • 4% said Sports Equipment (5% in 2014)
  • 55% said Clothing, shoes and accessories (58% in 2014)
  • 28% said Health and Beauty items (30% in 2014)
  • 10% said Electronics (smartphone, earbuds, camera, etc.) (8% in 2014)

Note:  Clothing, shoes, health and beauty products and swimwear top shopping list for vacation prep.

Q: Which are you most likely to shop for on a vacation?

  • 55% said Souvenirs (65% in 2014)
  • 34% said Clothes (39% in 2014)
  • 13% said Jewelry (16% in 2014)
  • 8% said Home Furnishings or Art (10% in 2014)
  • 20% said Coupons for Local Activities (24% in 2014)
  • 8% said Duty Free (12% in 2014)

Note:  Versus 2014, vacationers buying less stuff to bring home during vacations.

Q: Which way are you most likely to share your vacation with friends and family?

  • 50% share on Facebook (70% for those under age 30)
  • 42% share vacation photos via email
  • 14% said they use Instagram to share vacations (42% for those under age 30)
  • 6% use Twitter (14% for those under age 30)
  • 5% use the Cloud
  • 5% use Youtube

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in April 2015 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older.

What to Buy in April 2015: Savings Tips

April Shopping Trends – “Where to dig up the deep savings”

APR-trends-2015-blogSpring sales bloom big for home owners in early April with deep discounts on a variety of items including cleaning supplies, vacuums, patio products, yard maintenance, home renewal and automotive maintenance. Boomers will lead the way in spending, the power shoppers in spring making up more than half the total CPG sales, including vacation spending.

It’s a good month to stretch tax refunds on big ticket items as sales are competitive offering savings up to 50% off. Shoppers can utilize free inshore pickup and take advantage of online pricing that stacks nicely with increased cash back throughout the month. And, expect continued sales on tech, especially tablets and wearables, and it’s a good time to upgrade mom’s smartphone (see our annual Electronics Shopping survey). Predictions for “What to Buy in April” below:

Easter Sales kick off a month of savings on these items:

  • candy, gift baskets, and TOYS (outdoor items, games, bicycles, video games)
  • spring fashion deals light up the first two weeks of April

Summer Travel savings heat up after Easter:

  • April offers the magic 50-day mark for best prices and selection on summer travel bookings
  • Luggage deals can be found 30-50% off clearance (stackable with cash back specials)

Home, Yard, Garden and Auto

  • Man Standing beside a Wagon with Bagged Mulchcleaning supplies and cleaning tools, vaccums, shopvacs
  • DIY home repair, maintenance, power washers
  • fertilizer, spring plants, garden tools, hoses (big savings on outdoor watering products)
  • patio and grilling products (great time to stock up on charcoal)
  • TIRES (up to half off this month), cleaning products, audio and accessories

Mother’s Day Deals for early-bird shoppers:

  • Late April (vs. May) is better deals on jewelry and kitchen/cookware.
  • Mom’s want to upgrade. Special targeted sales for select smartphones, tablets and laptops surface in late April.
  • Double up savings from dozens of top retailers during Mother’s Day cash back sales

#infographic – Wearables / Smartphones Spending Up


New consumer survey from reports 50% more wearables are expected to be purchased this year (thx #Applewatch), and half of American adults say they’ll buy a new smartphone at some point in 2015. Another interesting stat shows electronics purchases made with a mobile device expected to increase 21%, and 35% for Millennials. More fun info in the IG. You can grab the embed code at The Skinny, or click on the graphic.


Mobile Devices Infographic


Electronics Deals: 2015 Shopping Survey

50% of Americans will buy new smartphones in 2015


FatWallet’s annual Electronics Shopping Survey (*TNS) asked American adults which products they plan to buy and how much they plan to spend. This year, overall electronics purchases will be higher than 2014 with 75% planning to buy. Consumers will also use online coupon/deal sites when buying electronics 11% more often than last year, 25% for Millennials. See this year’s INFOGRAPHIC and official release.

Millennials are leading the charge into the big March Madness tech sales and beyond, especially for mobile devices, as the Apple Watch becomes available in April. Purchases for electronics deals using mobile devices will increase by 22% overall–35% for Millennials.

Wearables are trending: This year, consumers plan to buy 50% more wearables than a year ago and those surveyed under 30 are 57% more likely to buy wireless tech this year and overall, will buy 42% more wireless or bluetooth headphones and speakers.


Of the HALF of us that will buy smartphones this year (up 4% from 2014):

  • 50% will buy Androids smartphones (up 17%)
  • 40% will buy iPhones (50% for Millennials)
  • 5% will buy Windows phones (down 44%)
  • 7% will buy basic cell phones (down 36%)

Which will have the biggest influence on their new smartphone purchase?

  • 4 in 10 will upgrade existing smartphone
  • 1 in 4 to a different brand
  • 1 in 5 to a bigger screen
  • 21% will buy a new phone in order to lower costs of existing carrier, (28% for females)
  • 12% will buy a new smartphone in order to switch to no-contract


27% plan to buy a new tablet in 2015 (up 8% over 2014), 33% for those with children in the household and 36% for those age 39 or younger.

  • 42% will buy iPads (up 24%)
    • 46% under age 30 (up 15%)
    • 53% will buy iPads for those with children home (up 60%)
  • 15% will buy Windows tablets (down 25%),
    • 4% under age 30 (down 55%)
  • 32% want Android tablets (up 3%)
    • 45% under age 30 (40% above average, up 25% )
  • 10% want a Kindle tablet (down 33%)
    • 6% under age 30 (down 63% )


Of 34% who will buy a new laptop this year (up 30%),

  • 25% will buy HP (down 2%)
    • 16% under age 30 (down 38%)
  • 22% want Dell (down 4%)
    • 16% under age 30 (down 11%)
  • 19% want Apple (up 36%)
    • 29% under age 30 (up 81%)
  • 10% want Samsung (up 11%)
    • 8% under age 30 (down 33%)
  • 6% want Lenovo (up 20%),
    • 11% under age 30 (up 175%)
  • 5% want ASUS (down 17%)
    • 6% under age 30 (down 50%)

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in March 2015 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older.

Apple Watch timed for March Madness ?

iWatch, uWatch, we allWatch the smartWatch:
Apple Spring Event slotted for March 9

apple-watch-spring-eventOn March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, Apple is expected to officially announce the Apple Watch (iWatch seems so much cooler). Wearables will never be the same, and possibly wearables stocks, too.

Costs start at $349 and with the boom of the iPhone 6 Plus..big boom, these smart watches are expected to sell well as iPhone 6 owners hands are getting tired. At least mine are, and not having worn a watch since I got my first iPhone 3, it will be an interesting change and more intriguing to “watch” for consumer buy in.

I am excited to see if this device can be used with one hand…because…having to use two hands to read a watch ain’t so smart after all. An so, instead of constantly looking down at our phones, we’ll now be raising our hands up in front of our faces – as if that’s somewhat less distracting.

Here’s wishing for an additional announcement of a new Apple TV model, or a 12″ iPad Pro to ease those concerns out of the gate.

Time will tell!






Cartoon courtesy of CupCakeToons.

What to Buy in March 2015: Savings Tips

MAR-trends-2015-blogFor consumers, March comes in like a lion with two solid weeks of savings opportunities before we “lamb” it down for two consecutive four day weekends of March Madness. So if you’re a baller, shop early, or in early April if you win the pool. Seriously, minus a true big holiday sales event apart from sporadic St. Patrick’s Day deals, early March brings a variety of category deals via the end of winter clearance as it ushers in spring with continuous weekend sales designed to help you treat cabin fever with some new stuff.

FatWallet helps you make more out of second half of the month with their annual Spring Fashion Deals followed by a March Mania Cash Back Sale, featuring more than 100 retailers increasing cash back from March 17-30. Add increased cash back to these deal categories to run the savings score up on your March purchases and stretch those tax refunds for “What to Buy in March”:

Smartphone Deals: Like CES and the other winter tech convention, the Mobile World Congress makes its call the first weekend in March, bring with it news of all the new mobile tech due out at some point this year, with some sooner than others. Expect announcements of new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones, a new HTC One M9, and a host of other smartphones from Motorola’s Moto line to Sony’s Experia and several new budget smartphones to compete in the cheap LTE segment. What does this mean for consumers following the event? Expect a fire sale of last year’s models as cell phone brands and carriers scramble to move older inventory via a captive audience during the heavily watched March Madness. Add that a new Apple Watch starts taking orders April 1st, putting more pressure on the Android market to sell units at discount.

Electronics Deals: Prices continue to drop on electronics as new 2015 models start to creep into retail inventory. This is especially enhanced this year with TV deals, as the first big crop of 4K TV deals get pushed to clearance. The price reductions have been significant following Super Bowl sales and continue to drop for both off-brand 4K TVs and bigger name brands. Recent price slides include a 50# Changhung 4K TV for under $600, a 51” Samsung Plasma under $350, and Panasonic 4K TVs 40% off. Shoppers can expect to save as much as 50% leading up to March Madness, as well as scoring some of the best deals of the year on TV accessories and cables from tech stores like Newegg, Parts Express and Monoprice, all featuring massive clearance sales for those willing to dig a little bit. These stores can save you more than half of what you’d spend for big brand name cables and accessories…the Fatwallet tech nerds know their deals when it comes to this stuff!

Winter Clothing Clearance melts into Spring Fashion Deals: The picked through top brand outerwear can be found at outlet prices 50-80% off for quality thermals, pullovers, coats, boots and high performance gloves from REI, Moosejaw, Cabela’s and others. Big box will continue their clearance sales as well (of note last year: Kohl’s offered Extra 30% off & Free Shipping for Kohl’s Card Holders + $10 Kohl’s Cash for Every $50 Spent), though the focus early March will shift to Spring Fashion deals. These early sales may not bring clearance pricing, but retailers will offer discounts to get a jump on the seasonal apparel starting around 20% savings. Plus, early spring fashion shoppers have the luxury finding the styles, colors and sizes they want and a full use of the season to wear them. Spring shoe deals feature a variety of discounts for running shoe deals from stores like FinishLine, New Balance Outlet and Nike, that featured deep clearance discounts of 50% or more and free shipping offers with qualified purchases last year on last year’s shoe styles.

Outdoor Sports and Equipment: Ski/snowboard/hockey/sakting equipment and accessories clearance heats up as the snow melts. Lat season’s Bicycles and accessories get discounted to make way for newer models for spring and summer activities making for a good time to upgrade and save a bundle, if you haven’t in a few years. Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other stores will feature sales pre-draft for NFL gear, pre-season for MLB opening day celebrations and, collegiate sportswear discounts on hoodies, hats and jerseys as bracketology takes center court.

Travel Deals: Last minute Spring Break packages and March Madness hotel deals trend early this month. Late March will bring the beginning of early summer vacation deals, hotel discounts and car rental specials. Proactive summer vacation bookers will take advantage of late March travel deals that bring better options for location, seat selection and lucrative early-bird specials/inclusions.Luggage deals are packed this month as well, stackable with the clearance add-on savings, and double cash back from FatWallet’s March Mania Cash Back sale.

Tax Software Deals will be trending again in late March as those alarms start to go off for procrastinators, the closer we get to April 15. The majority of 2015 software can be found for 50% off, and often for free (with filing charges). For insider tax tips, visit FatWallet Finance forum where experienced DIY filers share tactics on how to get the most out of deductions, tax software and refunds. Office Supplies go onside at the end of the month and into April, creating one of, if not the best time of year to stock up on school supply basics and home office supplies and equipment.

I’m not like everybody else – The Kinks (live)


Perhaps one of the greatest Youtube comments of all time:

Kinks-live‘I will not post the list of my 10 favorite books, albums, movies or sex scenes involving cylindrical fruits. I will not tell you which one of you is a warrior princess. I will not re-post legalese bullocks supposedly giving me superlegal powers. I will not like “it” to cure cancer, end hunger, or save kittens. I will not share pictures of dead kittens or dead kurds so that people will know that killing is bad. I will not play any facebook game you play. I will not speculate which of you will survive a zombie apocalypse. None of you will. I will remind you that this is my favorite song.” (via Uri K.)

We agree!

February Shoppers Fight For Winter Clearance

consumers fighting over winter clearance dealsWhat to buy in late FEB?  Winter Clothing and Outerwear

Prez Day deals melt into a two-week winter blast of clearance. These BIG winter sales can rival some of the storewide discounts seen during Cyber difference being that February store sales focus on personal investments in winter clothing and outerwear. It’s not often we see big mark downs from high end stores like PatagoniaREI or North Face. This year, we’ve sourced more than 2 dozens top stores offering 50% off or more on stuff like boots, coats, hats, gloves, thermal wear and outdoor sports gear. (PRN Release) Read more

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