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Best Things to Buy in March – Spring Spending 2017

Things to Buy in March:  5 Tips that “Spring” Savings

Smartphone Deals:  With a new iPhone coming (40% haven’t upgraded in 2 yrs), Nokia resurrecting the “best-selling mobile phone” in history for $50, and the Mobile World Congress (LIVE now) bringing timelines and pre-orders of all other new mobile devices for 2017, consumers can expect a fire sale of last year’s cell phone brands. While featuring discounts to a captive March Madness audience, brands and carriers will offer consumers $100’s in savings on last year’s smartphones, tablets and wearables making these items clearly the “smartest” things to buy in March this year. (Sample deal from T-Mobile offering Samsung Galaxy S7 for $360, was $673).

Other categories to look for savings from the best things to buy in March:

Winter and Spring Clothing Clearance: A record setting warm winter sets up March for early winter clearance of top brand outerwear from stores like REI, Patagonia, Columbia, Land’s End, etc. with “outlet” prices in the 50-80% off range. Shoppers can find wide-spread sales on quality thermals, pullovers, coats, boots and high performance outdoor apparel. The staff at FatWallet notes many of these huge sales will last throughout March, but popular styles and sizes sell out very quickly.

Spring Activewear and Shoes – Early spring shoppers can expect a savings range of 20-40% off top name-brand activewear tops, shorts, sweats and up to 50% off select athletic shoes. Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, Finishline, Footlocker and Eastbay all bear savings ops, as do big box stores offering bargain brand discounts for those on tighter budgets and clearance pricing on a variety of NCAA, NHL, NFL and MLB merch. Add that REI, Patagonia, Moosejaw, Bass Pro Shop, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s all have multiple spring events featuring up to 30% off the latest hiking, climbing, fishing and camping styles.

Outdoor Sporting Gear and Tech:  Winter sports items hit clearance this month, as do last year’s bicycles and cycling accessories at 50% off or better. The majority of sporting goods retailers feature discounts ranging from 10-30% off new gear and accessories for running, hiking, fishing, cycling and camping, as well as youth and adult sports gear and apparel for soccer, baseball, golf and tennis. Those looking for wearable devices to track fitness will find 20-30% discounts on last year’s Fitbits and smartwatches, and up to 50% off blue-tooth speakers, headphones and earbuds.

Spring Travel Deals:  Last minute Spring Break packages and March Madness hotel deals trend early this month. Proactive summer vacation bookers looking to cash in on first-come options on location, seating and availability will find great deals pre-Easter. March is also a great time to find Luggage deals as retailers offer some of the best savings of the year on rollers and luggage sets, rivaling Black Friday prices of half-off or better.


Best Things to Buy in March is part of a monthly series of shopping tips courtesy of See BEST THINGS TO BUY IN FEBRUARY and BEST THINGS TO BUY IN JANUARY for additional shopping trends in 2017.

Buy or Wait? 8 Shopping Tips for Presidents Day Sales

What to Buy from Presidents Day Sales  

Feb. 14, 2017 [Release via]  — Although Valentine’s Day sales are the headliner, many retailers have already started promoting their Presidents’ Day sales. This first major sales event of the year can bring significant savings on a variety of bigger-ticket items for the home. More important, Presidents’ Day sales offer families an opportunity to stretch their tax refunds by taking advantage of 0% financing until refunds are available to pay off any purchases. With nearly every retailer promoting something, these are the items to either buy now, or wait to buy.

  1. Winter ApparelBUY – President’s Day is the kick-off of winter clothing retail clearance featuring discount pricing ranging 50-80% off on a seasonal clothing, outerwear and footwear, or 30-50% off sports and outdoors gear. Starting you shopping for these items in February can help assure finding preferred styles, sizes and colors in stock.
  2. Major Appliances: BUY – Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Sears and Lowe’s will feature huge discounts ranging from 20-40% off major appliances. These sales feature different brands on sale for a 2-3 week run starting now until March.
  3. Spring Break TravelBUY – Literally 3-4 weeks out from college spring breaks, waiting any longer to make travel reservations will cost more money, limit selection, or both. Booking Spring Break Party Packages during Presidents’ Day sales can save travelers as much as 30% off, plus get an extra 10% in cash back shopping through
  4. Wireless ElectronicsBUY – Just beyond the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, new tech is starting to fill inventories this month, creating price drops on last year’s electronics models. Presidents’ Day deals will bring deep discounts on wireless/bluetooth electronics, including smart home needs, routers, streaming media players, headphones, portable audio speakers, and fitness trackers.
  5. Mattresses: BUY and WAIT– While Memorial Day sales are known as the best time of year to find mattress deals, in recent years, Presidents Day sale prices on new mattress sets are very competitive. Shoppers can save can average of 40% leading up to and during the 3-day holiday weekend.
  6. LaptopsWAIT – Although consumers can find limited laptop deals this month, waiting for Back-to-School sales and Black Friday will provide the year’s best savings vs. Presidents Day Sales. But, if you simply cannot wait that long, check the community deals at where tech-savvy deal hunters post the best tech deals each day.
  7. Patio Furniture & Grills: WAIT – Spring discounting on patio furniture and grills won’t play into weekly retail sales events until April, with the better discounts peaking during Memorial Day sales, just in time for summer use.
  8. Lawn & Garden SuppliesWAIT – April and May brings comprehensive spring sales on lawn and gardening supplies. Shoppers should wait for yard prep when discounts on mulch, soil, plant food, fertilizers, pesticides and grass seed are in full supply and demand.


About: FatWallet is a smart resource for millions of online and mobile shoppers to find and share thousands of current coupons and deals from more than 2,000 retailers, like Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. The much-celebrated FatWallet Forums represent the pulse of an evolving online and mobile marketplace where the savviest deal hunters in the world gather to share and learn about ways to save money. The FatWallet DEAL HUNTER app is the mobile shoppers’ top choice for finding the hottest deals of the day on-the-go.

36 Valentine’s Day Spending Statistics

Consumer News Release:

3 Dozen Fresh-Cut Valentine’s Day Spending Stats

FEB 6, 2017 — Americans shelled out nearly $20 billion in 2016 for chocolate, flowers, jewelry and a variety of other items, including activities and travel during Valentines shopping season. To further illustrate this wide variety of celebration, has assembled a massive list of Valentine’s Day Spending Stats (see list of reputable resources*.

  1. $20 billion is spent on V-Day (total spending)
  2. 55% of Americans will celebrate V-Day
  3. 37% do not buy a gift for their partner
  4. 53% of women that don’t receive a gift would end their relationship
  5. 100% more money is spent by males vs. females
  6. $99 is the average spent on V-Day gifts for spouses
  7. $54 is the average spent on V-Day gifts for coworkers (total)
  8. $50 is the average spent on V-Day gifts for family members
  9. $26 is the average spent on V-Day gifts per pet
  10. 20% will buy V-Day gifts for their pets
  11. 33% will do a Valentine’s dinner and/or a movie
  12. 27% opt for “Netflix and chill”
  13. 34% take their date out to a meal
  14. 38% want smartphones as a Valentine’s gift
  15. 25% will shop online for Valentine’s gifts, 33% of those from tablets
  16. 30% more spending online by Valentine’s shoppers
  17. 33% of Valentine’s shoppers procrastinate
  18. 40% of procrastinators believe it’s too late to find a deal after Feb. 13
  19. 50% of Americans will buy candy to the tune of $1.7 million
  20. 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold
  21. 48% of women expect to receive chocolates as a Valentine’s gift
  22. #1 time for fresh flower purchases in the US
  23. $65 is the average cost for one dozen roses (unarranged)
  24. 20% of all flower transactions happen during Valentine’s
  25. 25% Valentine’s shoppers will buy flowers, 50% are bought for spouses
  26. 250 million roses get produced for Valentine’s Day
  27. 15% of women will send themselves flowers
  28. 40% of Valentine’s flower purchases are red roses
  29. 50% buy greeting cards to the tune of more than $180 million
  30. 145 million V-Day cards are purchased each year
  31. 1,300 different V-Day cards are offered from Hallmark
  32. 85% of Valentine’s cards are purchased by women
  33. $2.5 billion is spent on jewelry in February in the US
  34. 20% buy jewelry as Valentine’s gifts
  35. 9% of all diamond jewelry is sold as Valentine’s gifts
  36. 50% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day

*DATA RESOURCES: Society of American Florists, Greeting Cards Association, Nation Retail Federation, US Census Bureau, Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research, Statista, Hallmark, AMEX, EdahnGolan, Cardlytics, Fiscal Times,,,,, and (NOTE: statistics rounded to nearest single digit.)


About: FatWallet is a smart resource for millions of online and mobile shoppers to find and share thousands of current coupons and deals from more than 2,000 retailers, like Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. The much-celebrated FatWallet Forums represent the pulse of an evolving online and mobile marketplace where the savviest deal hunters in the world gather to share and learn about ways to save money. The FatWallet DEAL HUNTER app is the mobile shoppers’ top choice for finding the hottest deals of the day, on-the-go.

What are the Best Things to Buy in February 2017?

These are the best things to buy in FEBRUARY 2017

JAN 30, 2017 –From those familiar heart-shaped boxes to 4K TVs to home furnishings to winter travel deals, these are the very best things to buy in February this year, including some smart tips to help shoppers stack on additional savings.

Valentine’s Day Sales: While the sale of more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, as well as 20% of all flower transactions take place in February, V-Day gift seekers can also find significant discounting upwards of 60% off apparel, jewelry to other apparel accessories throughout February as retailers look to move out older styles for incoming spring and summer trends. Local deals from sights like Groupon and Living Social offer 40-60% off restaurants and bars, beauty and spas, fitness and classes, and short weekend getaways with up to 60% off hotels, B&B and other winter travel deals and packages.

TIP: Hitting the malls during the Super Bowl offers Valentine’s shoppers front-row parking, thin crowds and a prime selection of gift options to choose from.

TVs: With the promise of the most watched TV event of the year, February’s “pre” and “post” Big Game sales offer the year’s biggest selection of TV deals with some prices rivaling those limited Black Friday doorbusters. Whether the plan is to enhance the Super Bowl experience or upgrade this year’s binge-watching marathons, TV buyers will find savings ranging from $200-400 on basic 40-55” 4K TVs and up to $1000 off higher-end 65” 4K models sporting newer OLED and HDR technology.

TIP: In order to fully enhance action sports viewing, shop for TVs featuring at least 120 Hz Refresh Rates (pricier 240 Hz is optimum).

Super Bowl Sales Ops: Like it or not, “alternatives” are in, and sometimes alternatives save you money. The Super Bowl isn’t for everyone, but the sales surrounding the popular event provide hidden savings on numerous items, as well as activities. Sale goers can score big by stocking up on food, snacks, beverages on sale and often at BOGO discounts. Plus, movie, theater and other sporting event tickets will offer prime seating at discounted prices as venues aggressively try to fill up. Ditto on restaurants offering both in-house and delivery specials on Super Bowl weekend.

TIP: Expect a blitz of exclusive social media and mobile deals as retailers look to notify a captive audience on how to easily find game-time freebies and coupons.

President’s Day: Overlapping with Valentine’s Day sales, President’s Day brings the first major sales event of the year. The annual offering brings deep discounts on a variety of personal needs, including significant savings of 20-40% off on big-ticket items for the home, such as major appliances, mattresses and home furnishings. Most President’s Day sales kick-off during the week ahead of honored Monday Holiday (Feb. 20 this year) and extend well into the following week, marking the beginnings of winter clearance with prime selection of deep discounts ranging from 20-80% off outerwear, seasonal clothing and sports and outdoors items. Winter Clearance builds throughout the second half of February and well into March at most branded apparel retailers and their outlets.

TIP: Secure free delivery and haul-away options to expose additional savings and convenience when purchasing large items for the home.

Tax Software: e-Filers numbers have been on the rise in recent years, and 2017 could escalate early filings more than ever before making February a smart time to look for Tax Software deals and savvy discussion on how to get the biggest return, including 30% off Premium personal and small business software, free online filing options and additional savings up to 25% cash back from FatWallet sister site, Ebates.

TIP: Consumers can find a wealth of information in’s reputable Finance Forum chock full of tax tips, insider hacks and new strategies to help early tax filers optimize exemptions, write-offs, investments and filings for better returns.

About: FatWallet is a smart resource for millions of online and mobile shoppers to find and share thousands of current coupons and deals from more than 2,000 retailers, like Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. The much-celebrated FatWallet Forums represent the pulse of an evolving online and mobile marketplace where the savviest deal hunters in the world gather to share and learn about ways to save money. The FatWallet DEAL HUNTER app is the mobile shoppers’ top choice for finding the hottest deals of the day on-the-go.

Super Bowl Sales Offer Best Time to Buy New TVs

TV Buyers Give “Big Game” TV Deals High Marks

Super Bowl Sales have best tv dealsHistorically, consumers anticipate the best TV deals to happen during Super Bowl sales, trumping Black Friday or any other time of year. This according to annual TV Buying surveys from, who expect this trend to continue this January. Unlike low-priced entry level 4K TV deals we experienced on the latter half of 2016, this year’s Super Bowl TV deals will offer deep discounts on higher-end 50” and larger 4K TVs (featuring new OLED and HDR technology).

Of NOTE:  3 in 10 Americans say they now stream the majority of TV programming (7 in 10 for millennials) and the current demand for 4K TVs has increased more than 400% compared to year’s past, as “smart” 4K TVs now allow cord-cutters to stream free and paid content via Roku, Netflix, Amazon and thousands of other resources.

Pricing Expectations: Consumers can save $200-400 on name brand 40-55” 4K TVs with basic models starting at $300-$600 (1080p sets under $300). Savings on 60-65” 4K OLED models will range from $500-1000 off with prices as low as $1200. (monitor FatWallet’s TV Deals roundup for an aggregate of the hottest current prices)

Best TV Deals from Super Bowl Sales this week include:

  • Costco: Vizio 48″ 4K 120Hz LED Smart HDTV w/ Chromecast – $389.99 (Reg. $479.99) Free Shipping
  • Walmart: Hitachi 48″ 1080p 60Hz LED LCD Smart HDTV – $289.99 (was $499.99) Free Shipping
  • Best Buy: 50″ Sharp 1080p Roku Smart LED HDTV – $224.99 w/ VISA Checkout (was $429.99) Free Shipping
  • BEST BUY: Sharp 55″ LED 1080p Smart Roku HDTV – $349.99 (was $499.99) Free Shipping
  • Best Buy: Samsung 55″ 4K 60Hz UHD Smart TV – $499.99 (was $799.99) Free Shipping
  • PC Richard & Son: Samsung 55″ 4K HDR LED Smart TV – $549.97 (was $797.99) Free Shipping
  • Target: Samsung 55″ 4K UHD Smart TV – $549.99 (was $899.99) Free Shipping
  • Best Buy: Hisense 55″ 4k 60Hz LED Smart HDTV – $499.99 (was $549.99) Free Shipping
  • Costco: Samsung 65″ 4K SUHD w/HDR 1000 240Hz – $1479.99 starts 1/22 (was $1999.99) Free Shipping
  • Ebay: LG 65″ 4K UHD Smart TV 240Hz (HDR TruMotion Color Prime)
    $1,249.99 (was $2,999.99) Free Shipping
  • Ebay: Sharp Aquos 65” Curved 4K UHD Smart TV – $1,149 w/code, (was $2999) Free Shipping

Shopping Guide: Best Things to Buy in January

Wanna know what the best things to buy in January are? 


Health and Fitness Deals: New year’s resolutions conjure up commitments to start off on a good note by looking better, eating better and feeling better. Retailers respond with huge January sales offering savings opportunities on health & beauty products that include supplements and vitamins, as well as dietary and organic foods and beverages. Consumers looking to go a step further can find some of he best savings of the year on fitness equipment and workout gear and apparel, with retailers discounting everything from yoga needs to exercise equipment more than 50% off.

Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers: Along the same line of thinking with fitness equipment, resolutions to be more fit and trim can spur an increased interest in being able to track your new goals. With inventories pressed to clear out everything but the latest and greatest version of smartwatches and fitness trackers, retailers offer continued discounting of these tech items coming into the new year. Expect discounts up to half off Apple Watch Sport (first gen), Samsung Gear Live, Fitbit Alta and Blaze, and other smart tech related to fitness and health.

Pricing for Fitness Equipment and Trackers: Expect discounts from 20-30% off sports apparel at Macy’s and Target and 30-50% off larger fitness equipment from ProForm and Bowflex, as well as  bigbox stores like Walmart and Sears. Fitbit Alta under $100, Fitbit Charge 2 under $120 and Fitbit Blaze under $150, and Apple Watch Sport (first gen) under $200.

4K TV Deals: 26% said they would buy a new TV in 2016 (survey) and of those, the study reports 25% will buy a new TV during Super Bowl sales. Expect this trend to continue this January, but unlike the unleashing of low-priced entry level 4K TV models in the latter half of 2016 which culminated with the craziest low prices on Black Friday, Super Bowl sales will feature discounts on higher-end 50” and larger curved and OLED 4K TVs with savings from $200-400, as well as better prices on 65” and larger low-end 4K TVs, possibly under $500. So, in short, if you missed out on Black Friday, you’ll get a second chance to upgrade before a potential Brady/Manning rematch!?

Pricing for TVs: Expect savings from $200-400 on name brand 50-60” 4K models from Vizio, Samsung, LG and TCL, with basic 4K UHD models starting at $300-$500 55” or less. Savings on 55-65” 4K OLED models will be closer to $500-1000 off with a few OLED models coming down in price close to $1200. Walmart and Best Buy will have the biggest selection, but Target and Sam’s Club will compete for better prices.

Wireless Headphones, Earbuds and Speakers: With CES ready to report the new technology, coming in spring or on pre-order, in this segment, especially new models of truly wireless earpods with noise cancellation and AI features (to rival or surpass functionality of Apple Airpods and Samsung Gear IconX), last year’s wireless audio will be available the second half of the month at prices equal or better than Black Friday. The annual January TV sales surrounding the Super Bowl will also create savings opportunities on wireless headphones sets designed for TV watching.

Pricing for Wireless Audio: Expect savings from $20-100, well exceeding low prices offered during 2016 Holiday sales.

More of the Best Things to Buy in January include:

Video Game Deals: With newer video gaming consoles in toe for 2017, expect the fire sale of Xbox One and PS4 consoles and bundles to continue as retailers will discount any remaining inventory in clearance, to drop pricing on Xbox One S and PS4 Slim models near the $200 line. And as is tradition after the holiday buying season and leading up to CES and Toy fairs, video game sales will be in full swing during new years sales events right out of the shoot, featuring prices that match or exceed what we experienced during Black Friday.

Winter Apparel and Gear:  Warm weather has slowed retail sales for cold weather apparel. January shoppers will see an extra boost in traditional discounting of winter coats, boots, hats, gloves and under garments. Winter Sports and Outdoors deals will offer shoppers up to 60% off from top stores with top name-brands like Under Armour, North Face and Timberland throughout January.

Tax Software Deals:  Self tax filers increased by more than 20% in January 2015. The majority of tax software retailers like H&R Block and Turbotax offer some of their best discounts of the year for early filers, including up to 50% off on both desktop and online tax software deals for both personal and small business tax, plus, FatWallet members can receive up to 10% cash back savings.

January White Sales: Unlike holiday deals on lower quality linens, traditional January White Sales bring big discounts up to 50% off quality sheets, towels, window treatments and other textile items for the home from big box stores that offer additional savings from cash back.

How to find hidden savings on Last Minute Gifts

7 Smart tips for finding hidden savings just days before Christmas

Ranging from tickets, salon appointments, subscriptions and IOU’s to final delivery and pickup options, last minute shoppers still have choices to help secure gifts in time, especially when buying gift cards online. A 2016 Holiday Gift Buying Study reports that one third of adults and children prefer to receive gift cards during the holidays. offers a variety of last minute gifts that feature online coupons and deals that can save shoppers time, money and convenience.

  • Know Shipping Deadlines – Retailers offer a wide variance of delivery options this week. Gift seekers running up against the clock can access a comprehensive 2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines Guide (courtesy of FatWallet sister site
  • eGift Cards – As one of the most coveted gifts to receive, last minute shoppers can avoid the majority of stress, stores, shipping and even wrapping by purchasing e-gift cards, some at discount or earning points and cash back for the purchaser.
  • In-Store Pickup – While the majority of free shipping deals will expire, dozens of stores offer free in-store pickup of online purchases and many will have items shipped to another store for free if the store in your area doesn’t have the item in stock.
  • Subscriptions – Magazines  dance classes, cooking, yoga, online gaming, TV and many other subscribed activities can all be purchased online instantly, and gifted.
  • Spa and Beauty – Gifting health & beauty appointments for a spa day, massage, hair and nails appointments and other relaxing activities can be done online without ever leaving the house.
  • Tickets – It’s fairly easy to purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts, theater and movies as a gift with the majority of purchases like these available online.
  • IOU – It’s not the same as having a physical gift to give, but online shopping allows for purchased items to sent as a gift to others. Purchases can then print a picture of the item along with a note of when the item will be delivered.


The TOP 75 Free Shipping Deals Before, During and After Free Shipping Day

The TOP 75 Free Shipping Deals, Before, During and After Free Shipping Day

free-shipping-day-2016-blogNearly 6 in 10 holiday gift seekers claim free shipping is the most important factor when making purchases. Whether Free Shipping Day or most other times of the year, free shipping offers are not all created equal, and there are dozens of retailers offering free delivery of gift purchases before and after Free Shipping Day on all orders regardless of price. There are hundreds more stores offering free shipping with a specific spending threshold today and into next week. Of these, this list of Top 75 Free Shipping Deals as of 12/14/16.

Offers in lists below can be found in FatWallet Free Shipping Deals guide:

Top 25 with Free Shipping No Minimum (plus other discounts):

  • Target + $10 off $50 and $25 off $100
  • Best Buy +free gift cards with hundreds of purchases
  • Microsoft Store +$100 gift card with purchase of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
  • HP +up to 50% off
  • Under Armour +up to 25% off
  • Office Depot/Office Max + up to 60% off
  • JBL by Harmon  +up to 75% off speakers and headphones
  • Eddie Bauer +up to 50% off
  • Blue Nile +up to 25% off
  • Nordstrom +free returns
  • Overstock +up to 70% off
  • Crutchfield +up to $1700 off 4K TVs
  • Buydig +free returns for 45 days
  • Neiman Marcus +free returns
  • Samsung +up to 40% off
  • Toys R Us +30% off Hasbro
  • Bass Pro Shops +$10 promo card on orders of $75 or more
  • Ralph Lauren + up to 40% off
  • Puma + extra 20% off
  • Saks Fifth Avenue + up to 60% off
  • American Eagle +40% off Holiday Collection items
  • UGG +up to 50% off
  • Petco +up to 60% off
  • Famous Footwear +15% off
  • ASUS +up to 40% off

Top 25 with Free Shipping plus Minimum Purchase (plus other discounts):

  • eBay – thousands of items ship for free
  • PetSmart – free shipping on most orders +$20 off $100
  • Lenovo – free shipping on most orders + 50% off select laptops
  • Walmart – free shipping on orders $50 or more +free 2-day shipping on select toys
  • Macy’s – free shipping on orders $49 or more + extra 20% off
  • Kohl’s – free shipping on orders $50 or more + 30% off
  • JCPenney – free shipping on orders $49 or more +$10 off $25
  • Lands End – free shipping on orders $50 or more +50% off one item
  • Lowe’s – free shipping on orders $49 or more + up to 40% off selected tools
  • Amazon – free shipping on orders $49 or more for non-Prime shoppers
  • Staples – free shipping on orders $49.99 or more
  • Sears – free shipping on orders $49 or more +up to 20% off
  • free shipping on orders $35 or more +15% off first order
  • Groupon – free shipping on most orders +10% off
  • Cabala’s – free shipping on orders $49 or more +up to 75% off
  • ThinkGeek free shipping on orders $25 or more
  • Adorama – free shipping on orders $50 or more
  • Rakuten – free shipping on orders thousands of items
  • Old Navy – free shipping on orders $50 or more +up to 60% off
  • Nike – free shipping on orders $150 or more, $8 shipping under $150
  • Banana Republic – free shipping on orders $50 or more +40% off
  • GameStop – free shipping on orders $35 or more +up to 75% off
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – free shipping on orders $29 or more
  • Disney Store – free shipping on orders $75 or more + up to 50% off
  • Levi’s – free shipping on orders $100 or more +30% off
  • GAP – free shipping on orders $50 or more +40% off

Note: Shoppers can also find a handy 2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines Guide (courtesy of sister site to help them identify retailer schedules for free shipping deals, standard delivery charges and expedited shipping charges. The guide also includes which stores offer free in-store pickup, right up to Christmas Eve.

25 more free shipping offers:

  • Canon– free shipping on all order +free returns
  • LIDS– free shipping on all order +50% off knits
  • ShoeBuy – free shipping no minimum +free exchanges on first purchase made through FatWallet
  • T-Mobile – free shipping on all phones
  • DELL – free shipping and free returns n all orders
  • Ashford – free shipping on all orders to US
  • Justice – free shipping on all orders to US
  • Origins – free shipping on all orders to US +free returns
  • Verizon – free overnight shipping and in-store pickup on devices, or orders $49 or more for accessories
    Advance Auto – free shipping on orders $75 or more + 10% off $50
  • Perry Ellis – free shipping on orders $99 or more + up to 40% off
  • Victoria Secret – free shipping on orders $65 or more +$15 off $125
  • Wayfair – free shipping on orders $49 or more +up to 70% off
  • 6PM – free shipping any 2+ items totaling $50 or more +up to 60% off North Face and Columbia
  • Walgreens – free shipping on orders $35 or more
  • The Body Shop – free shipping no minimum +50% off select items (exclusions apply)
  • Perfumania – free shipping no minimum +up to 25% off
  • ULTA – free shipping on orders $50 or more +Buy Two Get Two from ULTAbeauty Collection
  • Sephora – free shipping on orders $25 or more +3 free samples
  • REI Outlet – free shipping on orders $50 or more
  • Vera Bradley – free shipping on orders $75 or more +up to 50% off
  • Lancome – free shipping on orders $49 or more +up to 8 free samples and triple points
  • Abt – thousands of items ship for free +$20 off FitBits
  • Ralph Lauren – free shipping on all orders +40% off sale styles
  • Kmart – free shipping on orders $49 or more +up to 20% off Toys and 30% off TVs

Buying Holiday Gifts: Comparing Men vs. Women

There are so many aspects to consider when buying holiday gifts versus years past, but low prices always seems to be the biggest concern for the majority of shoppers, whether you’re a man or a woman. This annual Holiday Gift Buying Survey* reveals some of those aspects, from what women, men and children want to what stores will have the best experiences and the shopping factors that ultimately get their business. For additional data and insights, please contact Brent Shelton via EMAIL.

2016 Holiday Gift Buying Survey (FatWallet)

What are the “most important factors” when buying holiday gifts from online stores? Overall:

  • 70% said Getting the best deals
  • 59% said Free Shipping (see all Free Shipping Day Deals)
  • 30% said Return Policy
  • 24% said Customer Service
  • 23% said Price Matching
  • 14% said Rewards
  • 6% said Layaway
  • 4% said Good Mobile App

Male: 72% said getting best price, 55% said free shipping, 30% said return policy
Female: 68% said getting best price, 63% said free shipping, 30% said return policy

Which of these online stores do you think offers the best gift buying experience? Overall:

  • 64% said Amazon
  • 39% said Walmart
  • 17% said eBay
  • 17% said Target
  • 16% said Best Buy
  • 9% said Macy’s
  • 8% said Home Depot
  • 7% said Toys R Us

Male: 66% said Amazon, 34% said Walmart, 23% said Best Buy, 20% said eBay
Female: 62% said Amazon, 43% said Walmart, 10% said Best Buy, 14% said eBay

Which of these items do you want most as a holiday gift this year? Overall:

  • 43% said Quality time with family
  • 32% said Gift Cards
  • 22% said Clothes/Shoes/Jewelry
  • 18% said a Vacation
  • 16% said Laptop/Computer
  • 12% said Mobile Device (tab;et, Smartphone, Smartwatch)
  • 9% said TV
  • 7% said Appliances

Male: 43% said Quality time with family, 19% said a Vacation, 29% said gift cards
Female: 43% said Quality time with family, 15% said a Vacation, 34% said gift cards

Do you buy holiday gifts for a spouse/partner? Overall:

  • 46% said Yes, more than one gift
  • 19% said Yes, only one gift
  • 29% said No
  • 7% said No, but we buy something big for he family

Male: 73% said YES, 52% said more than one gift
Female: 60% said YES, 40% said more than one gift

Do you buy holiday gifts for pets? Overall:

  • 23% said Yes, more than one gift
  • 22% said Yes, only one gift
  • 51% said No
  • 4% said No, but holiday sales offer a chance to save on pet needs

Male: 43% said YES
Female: 47% said YES

How much do you plan to spend on your children this holiday? Overall:

  • 17% said more than last year
  • 53% said same as last year
  • 30% said less than last year

Male: 21% said more than last year, 52% said same as last year
Female: 13% said more than last year, 54% said same as last year

Do you buy holiday gifts for your children? Overall:

  • 35% said Yes, 1-3 gifts
  • 36% said Yes, more than 3 gifts
  • 23% said No
  • 6% said No, but I buy things on sale that they need

Male: 65% said YES, 34% said more than 3 gifts
Female: 77% said YES, 39% said more than 3 gifts

Which of these items do you think your children “want most” for a holiday gift? Overall:

  • 27% said Gift Card/Money
  • 24% said Toys/Games
  • 17% said Video Games
  • 10% said Laptop/Tablet
  • 9% said Clothes/Shoes
  • 6% said  Smartphone
  • 5% said Books/Music/Movies
  • 2% said Headphones

Male: 22% said gift cards or money, 43% said Toys/video games, 19% said laptop/tablet/smartphone
Female: 32% said gift cards or money, 39% said Toys/video games, 13% said laptop/tablet/smartphone

Which of these popular tech items do you think your children “want most” for a holiday gift? Overall:

  • 20% said Apple iPhone
  • 40% said Apple iPad/Tablet
  • 16% said Apple Macbook/PC Laptop
  • 4% said Apple Watch
  • 19% said Samsung/other smartphone

Male: 23% said iPhone, 17% said Samsung/Other smartphone, 36% said tablet/iPad
Female: 17% said iPhone, 21% said Samsung/Other smartphone, 44% said tablet/iPad

Which non-traditional holiday gift (unwrapped) do your children “want most” ? Overall:

  • 23% said a Puppy
  • 22% said Go to Disney
  • 21% said Quality Time with Family
  • 8% said Help a family in need
  • 6% said (new) Star Wars movie
  • 5% said Travel top a foreign country
  • 2% said (new) brother or sister
  • 11% said Other

Male: 22% said Go to Disney, 22% said a puppy, 19% said quality time with family
Female: 23% said Go to Disney, 24% said a puppy, 22% said quality time with family

*The national survey conducted online by Survata on behalf of in November 2016 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older. For additional survey data, insights and interviews, please contact Brent Shelton via

Hatchimals are coming again this Sunday at Toys R Us

Breaking news for shoppers who missed out on 2 of the hottest toy deals of the 2016 holiday season…Hatchimals and Nintendo Classic Edition Mini NES.

Toys R Us ad leak reveals Hatchimals and Nintendo Mini NES this weekend!!! ( sister site) has received information that Toys R Us will be releasing inventory of Hatchimals this Sunday (for $69.99, $59.99 MSRP) at most stores starting at 8:00am when they open (see ad flyer).

Originating from a rumor received last night from an anonymous source, who also hinted that the Nintendo Classic Edition Mini NES will also be available at some locations for $59.99. Employees from a Santa Cruz TRU leaked a video on Instagram (LINK) and a comment on Zoolert has mentioned receiving the 12/04 circular early. Now confirmed (see attached ad flyer)

TIPS: A few things interested shoppers can do to stay on the insider news for these super hot toys that are sold out in stores and avoid the exorbitant reseller prices is to follow inventory tracking sites like Zoolert and Stock Informer. Other deal hunters with their ears to the ground hang out in BFAds forums and FatWallet Hot Deals forum or their Deal Discussion. Shoppers are also advised to set topic alerts with any of these so you get quick notification on any news. The FatWallet forums is also good for price mistakes and finding other deals that sells out within hours. They can also follow Facebook groups like the Hatchimals BST (Buy Sell Trade) or Nintendo Classic Mini NES, and Reddit is a great candidate if you have the time to scour their hundreds of subtopics.

Don’t not be surprised to see another big sales event for toys on Green Monday (DEC 12) which may not offer Hatchimals or Mini NES, but will have similar pricing on toys that were part of Black Friday Ads. Other offers can be found in Toys R Us Cyber Week Deals available now include, or view Toys R Us Cyber Monday Ad for their Cyber Week offerings (while supplies last).”


Please contact us for more information and insights on how to save money on holiday gifts.

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