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Who Cares…When your dead: Facebook Heirs

Go ahead, poke me…I ain’t feelin it!

facebook-heirsAnd to my dearest old friend, I leave you my most prized possession…my Facebook profile. All I ask is that you do everything in your power to get me banned for life! Yes, Facebook Heirs we’re just announced…perhaps it’s the social media giant’s way to create their own version of the Walking Dead…if you will?

Poking aside, Facebook users can name a “legacy” to oversee aspects of their account after they die. Good idea? It’s not new (see Google “inactive account managers”), but as a user, it’s a rather nice option. Do you think the FB has the audacity to feature ads for funeral services on your estate profile?

Geoffrey Fowler of the WSJ has a great read on this new feature, offering full details of legacy permissions and his excellent insight.

You a Cheap Valentine? “Smart” Lovers Buck Up


“She loves me, she loves my texts”

Valentines-spending-bsWinning over your Valentine this year may just come down to a fat wallet, in that, choosing the right Valentine’s gift for her, or him, is a strategy that needs your attention. Charm and good looks might get you the date, but a well thought out gift can get you much more. Even a smartphone, as material and non-romantic as it sounds, will get you more love than those over-priced gas station chocolates and wilting grocery store flower bouquets. (see my quote in yesterday’s Marketwatch story, 5 truly awful Valentine’s Day gifts (thanks to Quentin Fottrell!!).

A recent survey reports that almost 4 in 10 actually want a smartphone for Valentine’s…at least it’s very high on their wish list. And why not? A new smartphone (we suggest a new model, perhaps these iPhone 6 deals, via FatWallet, will help you save a buck) can provide incredible ambience during a private candlelight dinner with romantic music (of course, there is a Romantic Music app), by the fire (via Fireplace Live HD app) and memories from that special V-day selfie hug you share directly to your Instagram app so your friends can be jealous of this “thoughtful” Valentine’s gift…and how romantically useful it was on that special occasion…and hopefully, many more to come.


Get Wired This Valentine’s Day: NBC News

Courtesy of NBC News (Jay Gray) A new survey from Ebates found 39% of people have smartphones as one of their most coveted Valentine’s gifts. (see video)

“Our preferences are changing as social media becomes an every day aspect of our lives, getting something like a smartphone is a little bit sexier than it used to be,” says’s Brent Shelton. “Candy and flowers still rank as the top Valentine’s gifts.”

PR Campaign notes. Pitched survey and Valentine’s Fun Facts (see infographic). NBC producer called for interview request, but setting up a camera crew to come in to was a bit of an issue. So we put the producer on speaker phone and shot the interview in-house. Then uploaded the broadcast quality files for NBC to download. Worked like a charm!


INFOGRAPHIC: Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentines Infographic-thumb2015 Valentine’s Day Spending Stats

The NRF is reports Valentine’s Day spending at $19 billion with more than $142 per person as +60% of consumers say they will celebrate with purchases this year. announced a new Valentine’s survey that reports 39% have smartphones as a top choice for Valentine’s gifts for her, and him. With iPhone6 deals and iPad Air deals will surely creep into Valentine’s gift lists, we fully expect spending to exceed $20 billion this year. The trend to get something techie may not be as romantic as chocolates and flowers, but there are apps that can simulate a whole lot more than taste and fragrance! Traditional gifts will still be a boon for retailers though as half are expected to buy candy and 1/3 or more will once again buy flowers, with males outspending females 2 to 1. The guys may want to visit FatWallet’s Valentine’s Deals to find increased cash back and coupons to help them save some dough!

25 Valentine’s predictions and fun facts that indicate a 2015 shopping spree…of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day:

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Valentine’s Predictions Call for Smartphones and Sweets: Fun Facts

Heart made of few dollar papersWith consumer confidence on the rise as we enter February this year, the forecast for Valentine’s spending is looking to flirt with history, possibly exceeding the $20 Billion mark for the first time. Strong year over year trends for shoppers to buy non-traditional, expensive tech items as Valentine’s gifts like smartphones and tablets helps lead to this conclusion. Add a new survey from our sister company,, which reported that 38% want smartphones as a Valentine’s gift this year. Read more

What to buy in February 2015: Savings Tips

FEB-trends-2015-blogSaving in the winter is about knowing what to buy in February.

Even though the horn sounds on Super Bowl sales (as more than a million TVs sell during pre-game on Sunday, Feb. 1), HDTV prices continue to drop. Retailers’ elevate clearance on their TV deals the first week or two of FEB, making room for new inventory announced at CES in JAN. Expect 20-30% savings on many 55” or larger smart TVs during the Bog Game sales events and post-game.

The move towards smart, or wifi enabled TVs isn’t a surprise, as Fatwallet’s 2015 TV Buyers Survey reports that of the 26% of us that will buy new TVs this year, more than 4 in 10 want smart TVs  (up 29% over 2014) and 1 in 4 said they choose to stream their TV programming. With consumers focused on streaming more media content, FEB presents an excellent time to buy Streaming media devices and accessories, like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (if in stock) and HDMI and A/V cables to get them connected to your TV and the internet. Read more

When to buy a TV: January vs. Black Friday Deals

Comparing the top 10 TV Deals from Super Bowl sales and Black Friday

TV-deals-post-lrConsumers can save an average of 20% during retailers’ Super Bowl sales in January, but they may save even more during Black Friday sales events. That said, those TV doorbusters aren’t always the most full featured TV models, while the TV deals we see in January are focused on selling TVs that will provide an awesome sports viewing experience. So, depending on budgets and individual needs, the debate on which TV deal is better is going in to overtime.

It’s hard to know when to buy a TV. There are TV deals posted in FatWallet’s Hot Deals forum every day of the year, and the majority of those need be good ones, or that savvy community will call it out…quickly. FatWallet’s annual TV Buyers survey reports that 1 in 4 will buy a new TV in 2015 and of those, Black Friday is when they are most likely to buy, but Super Bowl ranked 2nd best time to buy a TV (NOTE: 2014 survey ranked Super Bowl #1). Read more

TV Buyers Survey reRanks Super Bowl Deals #2

tv-survey-CBN-image-webBlack Friday Takes Back Title for Best TV Deals

(PRNewswire) Jan. 20, 2014 —, where millions of online deal hunters go to stack coupons with cash back, announced results from its 2015 TV Buyer Survey* (TNS). The survey reports 26% said they will purchase a new TV this year (38% under age 30) and only Black Friday ranks higher than Super Bowl sales when asked when they’re most likely to make a TV purchase. The survey also reveals that their purchasing decisions are influenced most by price (45%), and 1 in 4 now stream the majority of their TV programming.

For those that said they will purchase a new TV this year, survey results include:

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1 in 4 Choose to Stream TV Content vs. Cable – INFOGRAPHIC

TV-BUYER-IG-2015-blog-thumb2015 TV Buyers Survey

With one quarter of Americans stating they choose to stream their TV programming over cable, or other available options (antenna, DVD/Bluray, etc), the T-commerce revolution seems to be in full swing, especially with so many choices and options for consumers to send TV and movie content to their big screens. It would be a mistake to not have these choices to consume media on a TV set. With smart TVs and streaming media devices in high demand, and availability, many of us have several streaming options on our TVs. How many of you have a smart TV, a smart Blurry player, a Roku or Apple TV and an Xbox One all hooked into one TV?

It’s no wonder that the new infographic below, displaying results from FatWallet’s annual TV Buyers survey by TNS (see full results, and 2014 results) reveals nearly one quarter (24%) now stream the majority of their TV content (43% of those under age 30). Read more

What to Buy in January 2015: Savings Tips

via Newswire 01/07/15

Super Bowl Deals5 Tips for “What to Buy in January” 

Health and Well Being:  January offers a focus of price reduction on items related to new year’s resolutions and new beginnings as consumers look to make a commitment to their bodies and well being with vows to get in shape by exercising and eating better. Sales and discounts on health supplements, vitamins and diet foods, as well as winter foods (coffee, cocoa, soup, chili, etc.) are abundant the entire month. Those seeking to start excursive programs can find signup bonuses on health club memberships and a variety of January sales on exercise equipment and work out apparel.

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