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Best Time To Find Deals On Tools? Survey Says Father’s Day Sales

81% of Americans buy new tools every year, while popular tool brand Craftsman and lawn & garden tools top their lists in 2014.

Deals on ToolsIt’s not a shock that Father’s Day ranks tops with shoppers for the best time to find tool deals, as we’ve witnessed this buying trend for a few years now. However, the fact that Father’s Day Sales outrank Black Friday, December Holiday and Cyber Monday combined is indeed revealing. Add 30% of respondents that rank Spring Sales as the second best time to buy tools and technically, we could conclude almost 70% of annual tool buyers look for the best deals…right about now!

8 in 10 surveyed (81%) said that they buy new tools at least once a year, with half of those (40%) more than once (20% 3-4 times a year). Of these, 3 in 10 will spend between $100 – $249 and 13% spend more than $250 on new tools annually. With all this tool buying, we asked what would curb their desires…1/3 of males said the only thing to stop them from buying tools was if they “run out of money”.

Note: 21% of females said “a hammer, screwdriver and duct tape” are the only tools they need!

Other interesting tool buying trends report nearly 4 in 10 say they want lawn and garden tools and are most popular by far, especially for females (46%) and those w/children (44%). Cordless Combination Power Tool Kits (20%) and hand tools (20%) ran a distant 2nd with power drills (14% – see Top 5 Cordless Drills Review) and tool boxes (13%) next in demand. Better than 2/3 of respondents say Quality/Durability most important feature for power tools. Craftsman was the big winner for most desired tool brand with 38% liking while budget brand Black & Decker held good standing at 26% and the popular DeWalt tools came in 3rd favorite at 19%. Savvy tool shoppers will be sure to add increased cash back to bolster their savings!

FatWallet 2014 Tools Shopping Survey Results (*TNS Global):


81% of Americans buy tools at least once a year!

Q: How often do you buy tools (for using at home) or home improvement related items?

  • 40% Once a year or less often
  • 16% 2 times a year
  • 19% 3-4 times a year
  • 6% Monthly or more often
  • 19% said “I have never purchased tools” (only 13% for males)

Note: HALF of those under the age of 40 buy tools more than once a year

Dads want tools and know when to buy them!

Q: Of these options, when is the best time to find deals on tools?

  • 39% Father’s Day
  • 30% Spring Sales
  • 18% Black Friday Sale
  • 12% December Holiday Sales
  • 1% Cyber Monday

Note: Of those age 30 and under, 63% said they rely on family and friends for their vacation information.

We spend but we also budget.

Q: Approximately how much do you plan to spend on tools this year?

  • 58% Less than $100
  • 29% $100 to $249
  • 10% $250 to $499
  • 3 $500 or more

Note: Those under the age of 40 will spend about 30% more than 40+ (Perhaps older tool users have what they need already?).

[STATISTICS]:  Overall home improvement spending is expected to grow 6.8% this coming year to nearly $313 billion in 2014 (Home Improvement Research Institute).

1/3 of males will buy tools until they run out of money

Q: What would stop you from buying new tools this year?

  • 24% said Too busy to do home projects
  • 26% said “I have way too many tools at home”
  • 28% said “Only if I run out of money”
  • 11% said “Spouse says it’s not in the budget”
  • 17% said “Hammer, screwdriver and duct tape is all I need”
  • 20% said “I have tools I’ve never use”

Note: 40% of Seniors said they have too many tools, while only 12% of those under age 30 said they have tools they’ve never used before.

The yard rules our DIY world.

Q: Which tools do shoppers want most this year?

  • 38% Lawn & Garden Tools
  • 20% Combination Power Tool Kit (cordless)
  • 20% Hand Tools (hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc)
  • 14% Power Drills
  • 13% Tool Box (storage)
  • 10 Circular Saws or Miter Saws
  • 10% Automotive Tools

Note: 3 times as many males want automotive tools while 50% more females want yard & garden tools.

Majority of tool buyers don’t skimp.

Q: Of these options, which is the most important feature for power tools?

  • 67% Quality/Durability
  • 13% Battery Life
  • 10% Power/Torque
  • 6% Weight/Size
  • 4% Length of Warranty

Sears keeps tight grip on most popular tools.

Q: Of these options, what is your most desired brand of tools?

  • 38% Craftsman
  • 26% Black & Decker
  • 19% DeWalt
  • 5% Ryobi
  • 5% Makita
  • 4% Bosch
  • 3% Milwaukee

Note: Craftsman is one of the most visible brands during Black Friday sales, and a life-time guarantee and affordability make for a smart tool purchase.

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in March 2013 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older, 50/50 male/female.

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What to Buy in JUNE: Shopping Trends 2014


June is best time of year to buy TOOLS.

Feels like “guys appreciation month” as Father’s Day sales events start in late May and kick into high gear the first week of June. This is “hands down” the best time of year to buy tools (see our survey), but savings on paint, home improvement, yard and garden and patio stuff for summer fun will be abundant. And, if you miss the first two weeks, most retailers will have these products priced to sell throughout the month.


Shoppers should expect big savings on power tools, yard & garden tools, automotive tools and parts and tool boxes, house paints, deck stains and other home improvement items at 30-70% during Father’s Day discounting. Gear and apparel for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking and swimming will be competitively priced throughout the month, as well. Every retailer will have like-inventory priced to move, so it’s a good time to look for “value” and quality over “cheap”.

Other June savings include deals on specific electronics like laptops, smartphones and tablets) and if your flexible, deals on last minute vacation packages and graduation and wedding gifts from spring clearance sales can be had at huge savings, too.

Father’s Day Deals:

”toolIf May brings flowers, then June brings summer prep and the best time to upgrade tools and outdoor gear on the cheap. Sure, dads want new iphones and ipads, or the Galaxy S5, but what really want is an excuse to get away from them!

  • Tools & Auto: (power drills, cordless combo tool kits, yard & garden tools, automotive tools and parts, tool storage)
  • Sports & Outdoors: (golfing, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, swimming)
  • Electronics: (laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, streaming media, wireless devices)
  • Local Deals: (auto services, restaurants, golfing, movies and health/fitness services)

Tip: Early Father’s Day sales offer best selection and enough time to take advantage of free shipping offers.


Home Improvement Deals:

It’s a good idea to get these projects out of the way before the heat, and the prices, go back up.

  • Paint & Coatings: (interior and exterior for walls, ceilings, floors, fence, garage and house)
  • Materials: (faucets, light fixtures, wall board, shingles, fencing, etc.)
  • Tools/Garden: (saws, drills, tools, boxes/benches/storage, ladders)Tip: These hidden savings often get mixed in with Father’s Day sales that offer store-wide discounts and increased cash back through FatWallet all month.

    Summer Vacation Deals – late season and last minute bookings:

    ”travelFinding last minute summer vacation deals is about being flexible with dates and destinations. Plus, FatWallet features added savings of cash back on all the major travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz.

    • Airfare: Bundling airfares with hotels as a package should get you there and back at a bargain if you’re willing to come and go at off hours.
    • Hotels: Get cash back along with the best vacation packages staying in hotels like Hilton, Marriot, Westin, Ramada and more.
    • Car Rental: Look for free rental car upgrades, one-way discount codes and rental car packages.
    • Local Deals: Find 50% or more off local events, activities and getaways + cash back!

    Tip: Always, but especially last minute, when you see a good rate, book it, and factor in what is included as some travel sites include taxes and fees – others don’t.

    Graduation/Wedding Gifts:

    ”GraduationIf you’re looking for wedding and graduation gifts, June sales can be good for your budget, especially during Spring Clearance.

    • Home: (dishware, cookware, bedding, small appliances)
    • Flowers, Gifts: (flowers, gift baskets, frames, photo albums, jewelry)
    • Clothing: (jackets, hoodies, pants, long sleeve shirts, rain coats, spring colors)
    • Travel: (caribbean vacation packages, hotel and car rental deals, summer event tickets

    Tip: Often spring clearance store-wide discounts (e.g., 50% off $100 purchase) can satisfy a few gift/home needs in one purchase if you shop smart.

    Early Summer Activities:

    ”localFatWallet Local Deals provide daily deal shoppers a one-stop resource with all the available offers from Groupon, Living Social, Gilt City and other sites in more than 150 cities, including savings on hundreds of timely national deals. Perfect for summer events and cheap meals on the road.

    • Activities & Events: (concerts, sports, theme parks, museums, arcades, movies, bowling, etc.)
    • Beauty & Spa: (half off hair cuts and color, manicures, hair removal and spa packages)
    • Food & Drink: (coupons for pizza, burgers, drinks and a variety of full course meals)
    • Health & Fitness: (gym memberships, pilates, yoga, golfing, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.)
    • Shopping: (50% and more off select products and services year round)
    • Travel: (complete vacation packages, hotels stays)

    Tip: If your traveling, look at these deals a week or two ahead to save a ton of money on vacation, or just visiting family and friends.

    You can find and tweeting about suds and other substance @brentsheltonnow.

What to Buy in MAY: Shopping Trends 2014

May comes to consumers with a plethora of opportunities to save money on big ticket items. From Mother’s Day sales to Memorial Day sales to spring clean up discounts, there is a variety of products and services ripe for purchase if you know when and where to shop. For the last 4 years, May spending has seen growth, aided by huge increases (14.6 billion in 2010 to 21.7 billion in 2013) from Mother’s Day gift purchases, especially for tech products like tablets and smartphones.


Tech related products prices continue to drop in 2014, lower than what we experienced last Black Friday, so we expect this May spending growth trend to continue this year. Note: FatWallet’s 2014 Electronics Buyer Survey reports that 53% of females said they will purchase new smartphones and 26% new tablets.

Early May is “the” prime-time to book summer family vacations, snag savings from local deals on events and activities and score excellent deals on sports and outdoors equipment during aggressive deep discounting. In all, May equates to a very solid month of savings on things we need for summer fun, especially by adding increased cash back from dozens of top stores all month long.

Mother’s Day Sales– not just for moms:

”mothersMother’s Day sales bring out big discounts and increased cash back savings from dozens of top stores on purchases for traditional gifts, items moms want for the home and exclusive deals on wireless and mobile devices for moms that want the latest tech.

  • Flowers & Gifts: flowers, candy, books, crafts & supplies, jewelry
  • Home & Garden: cookware/kitchenware, pots, plants, tools, feeders, outdoor decor
  • Gift Cards: restaurants, retail, craft/fabric stores, electronics
  • Local Deals: Groupon offering FatWallet members exclusive discounts on spas, events, activities and getaways with double to quadruple cash back through May 11.
  • Tech: laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, streaming media, wireless devices

Tip: Not sure what to get mom…Gift cards let moms go shopping for “free”. FatWallet features dozens of stores offering Mother’s Day discounts on e-gift cards–many with additional cash back savings, including Starbucks cards, iTunes gift cards and American Express.

Sports and Outdoors Deals – will run amuck:

”golfAll outdoors-fanatics will at least take a peek at the cost to upgrade their sports equipment, camping/fishing/hiking gear and athletic shoes. Look beyond discounts for the biggest savings as mail-in-rebates and in-store pickup can save you hundreds of dollars when shopping online.

  • Sports: golf, cycling, baseball, athletic apparel/shoes
  • Outdoors: fishing, cycling, running, camping, swimming, hiking

Tip: Look for trade-in value, especially for golf clubs, bicycles and some fishing gear and utilize inexpensive extended warranties by using AMEX or Squaretrade on these types of products.

Summer Vacation Deals – book them fast:

”travelFinding the best summer vacation deals is timely (like now!). Plus, FatWallet features added savings of cash back on all the major travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz.

  • Airfare: Book now to fly cheaper on popular airlines like Delta, American, Southwest, Jet Blue, Virgin Atlantic and compare prices.
  • Hotels: Get cash back along with the best vacation packages staying in hotels like Hilton, Marriot, Westin, Ramada and more.
  • Car Rental: Drive summer vacation savings by comparing prices and cash back rates from all the top car rental companies and look for free rental car upgrades, one-way discount codes and rental car packages.
  • Local Deals: Find 50% or more off local events, activities and getaways + cash back!

Tip: Booking early not only saves you money, but often gives you the best selection of plane seats, hotel room views and model of rental cars.

Memorial Day Sales – shop them early:

”MattressMuch like President’s day and Labor Day sales, the 3-day weekend sales events have more of a a captive audience, especially from both heads of household creating opportunity for families to make big ticket purchase decisions. The majority of retailers participate in Memorial Day sales by offering aggressive pricing, deep discounts and exclusive coupons for several days leading up to the holiday. This means there’s some really great deals and you can really save a bundle on these key products:

  • Home Furnishings: mattresses!!, furniture, patio sets
  • Appliances: refrigerators, washers, & dryers, stoves/ranges
  • Clothing: kick-off of Spring Fashion Clearance
  • Travel: “last minute specials” on summer vacation bookings

Tip: Last year (2013) like Black friday, memorial Day sales started a week early–look for that to happen agin this year and use that early time to compare prices before you buy.

Father’s Day Sales – best tool deals of the year:

”toolStarting the end of May into the first 2-3 weeks of June, it’s tool time for savings. Whther you’re looking for gifts or shopping for yourself, there will be ample deals with 30-70% discounts on power and hand tools, plus home improvement products, including paint and exterior and interior building materials

  • Sports and Outdoors: golf, camping, fishing, grilling, gym memberships
  • Tools: power tools, storage/boxes, automotive, home improvement, garden and yard
  • Electronics: laptops, tablets, smartphones, wireless gadgets

Tip: When purchases these items (which are usually big and heavy), try to stack cash back and coupons with free in-store pickup, or better yet, free delivery. Sometimes that can make a higher priced item/shopping cart a better deal.

You can find and tweeting about suds and other substance @brentsheltonnow.