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St Patricks Day Spending Tips For Guinness World Records

St Patricks Day spending one of the biggest of the year!

st-patricks-day-spending-guinnessThe world consumes roughly 7.5 million pints of Guinness daily but on St. Patrick’s Day, 13 million pints are raised and guzzled down. According to a new Statista infographic, that would fill 60 percent of the Empire State Building. This year, March 17th is more than #greenday in America as March Madness coincides to jam pubs with more than the normal 29% of us. What does that mean for overall spending? We may be looking at a record that will exceed the expected $4.4 billion, and possibly break the record $4.8 billion spent in 2014.

In fact, the 21% attending/hosting Big Dance parties may be looking to score on a new 4K TV deal to boost even more record spending, as prices on 2015 TV models fall to their lowest ever this month. Regardless, St. Patrick’s Day often spawns attempts to set Guinness World Records, go figure. In 2012, Irish stout makers Guinness created a bid to make St Patrick’s ‘The Friendliest Day of the Year’ and succeeded to set the mark for Largest St Patrick’s Day celebration (multiple venues in 161 countries), and most pledges received for a campaign (435,456). It appears St. Paddy’s Day is not just for the luck of the Irish.

Infographic: Some Of The Numbers Behind St. Patrick's Day  | Statista

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