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Mobile drives tech growth for the next 24 months, say Execs

mobile growth

Mobile is “Prime” for everything

As consumer look to their mobile devices for just about everything – from getting the majority of their media and entertainment to learning and sharing to controlling their homes, autos and wallets – it’s not a huge surprise that the executives of the tech world rank mobile #1 for segment growth for the next couple of years (KPMG June 2015 study). Mobile carriers are sweetening the pot, with “no contract” deals for the whole family, and even T-mobile’s latest #backtoschool deal to offer those buying the current iPhone 6 a free upgrade come the release of iPhone 6S pre-Black Friday.

Due to Amazon’s recent Prime Day success, it’s not too far fetched to expect a weekly Prime Day come November, and possibly a Prime Day mobile app, or a Walmart Dare to Compare app, or both. Indeed, mobile drives tech growth, and mobile commerce growth. I know what I would do.

Chart via Statista:

growth drivers in tech 2015


#infographic – Wearables / Smartphones Spending Up


New consumer survey from reports 50% more wearables are expected to be purchased this year (thx #Applewatch), and half of American adults say they’ll buy a new smartphone at some point in 2015. Another interesting stat shows electronics purchases made with a mobile device expected to increase 21%, and 35% for Millennials. More fun info in the IG. You can grab the embed code at The Skinny, or click on the graphic.


Mobile Devices Infographic


Apple Watch timed for March Madness ?

iWatch, uWatch, we allWatch the smartWatch:
Apple Spring Event slotted for March 9

apple-watch-spring-eventOn March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, Apple is expected to officially announce the Apple Watch (iWatch seems so much cooler). Wearables will never be the same, and possibly wearables stocks, too.

Costs start at $349 and with the boom of the iPhone 6 Plus..big boom, these smart watches are expected to sell well as iPhone 6 owners hands are getting tired. At least mine are, and not having worn a watch since I got my first iPhone 3, it will be an interesting change and more intriguing to “watch” for consumer buy in.

I am excited to see if this device can be used with one hand…because…having to use two hands to read a watch ain’t so smart after all. An so, instead of constantly looking down at our phones, we’ll now be raising our hands up in front of our faces – as if that’s somewhat less distracting.

Here’s wishing for an additional announcement of a new Apple TV model, or a 12″ iPad Pro to ease those concerns out of the gate.

Time will tell!






Cartoon courtesy of CupCakeToons.

iPhones as big as your head? Prepare for tech media Overload SEP 9

Apple set to make the new, bigger iPhone rumors official on Sept. 9

September has become the launching pad of confirmation for Apple’s next-generation iPhones, as we hover in trance with anticipation for (what we generally already know) new features will dominate smartphone sales leading up to Early Black Friday (formerly known as November).

On tap are expected presentations of the larger iPhone displays of 4.7 and 5.5 inches with new super fast A8 processors and what we hope is additional big bang product and features beyond what any of us bargained for (Apple is so due to throw a sweeping curve ball).

Thanks to Recode for the news…Stay tuned…(check 9to5Mac for similar iPhone event updates and rumors).