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When is a relocation reported as avoiding taxes a big misread … was that just someone misinformed? Use tax, nexus tax, corporate tax, income tax, sales tax and the soon to be social media tax…oh wait, did I spill those beans? Relocation is about “being wanted”.

SRSLY legislators, the “Main Street Fairness Act” needs to listen to people/consumers, small online businesses and brick & mortar alike, not just the “Amazons” of retail. If you’re going to rely on the struggling middle class to bail out poor execution and lack of bipartisanship, and innovative leadership for that matter, by taxing us at every available turn of our existence, sometimes two or three fold…then do it in a way that doesn’t stop technology, progress, good jobs and honest tax-paying entrepreneurs. SEE VIDEO:

‘Tis the Season for Yard SIgns

This is one of the best, and coolest political yard signs I’ve ever seen. 1. I can read it from a ways off, so it does the candidate justice (pun intended). 2. The designer took some liberty to make it unique with out going too far.

Too many signs I see are so over designed. Non-traditional colors, fonts that have no business on a sign and design elements that just aren’t needed. Ego can get in the way of usage. So can over thinking the message (TMI effect comes to mind).

Designers, do yourself and your client, friend, candidate or whoever hired you, a favor. ‘Name’ real big and what office they’re running for-that’s it! “Vote” isn’t needed either, duh. Make it readable from 50 feet and obvious it’s an election with not even a remote possibility that a remodeling company decided to put their sign in with the others.

Otherwise, stroke what you need to and good luck.