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I’m not like everybody else – The Kinks (live)


Perhaps one of the greatest Youtube comments of all time:

Kinks-live‘I will not post the list of my 10 favorite books, albums, movies or sex scenes involving cylindrical fruits. I will not tell you which one of you is a warrior princess. I will not re-post legalese bullocks supposedly giving me superlegal powers. I will not like “it” to cure cancer, end hunger, or save kittens. I will not share pictures of dead kittens or dead kurds so that people will know that killing is bad. I will not play any facebook game you play. I will not speculate which of you will survive a zombie apocalypse. None of you will. I will remind you that this is my favorite song.” (via Uri K.)

We agree!

Who Cares…When your dead: Facebook Heirs

Go ahead, poke me…I ain’t feelin it!

facebook-heirsAnd to my dearest old friend, I leave you my most prized possession…my Facebook profile. All I ask is that you do everything in your power to get me banned for life! Yes, Facebook Heirs we’re just announced…perhaps it’s the social media giant’s way to create their own version of the Walking Dead…if you will?

Poking aside, Facebook users can name a “legacy” to oversee aspects of their account after they die. Good idea? It’s not new (see Google “inactive account managers”), but as a user, it’s a rather nice option. Do you think the FB has the audacity to feature ads for funeral services on your estate profile?

Geoffrey Fowler of the WSJ has a great read on this new feature, offering full details of legacy permissions and his excellent insight.

You a Cheap Valentine? “Smart” Lovers Buck Up


“She loves me, she loves my texts”

Valentines-spending-bsWinning over your Valentine this year may just come down to a fat wallet, in that, choosing the right Valentine’s gift for her, or him, is a strategy that needs your attention. Charm and good looks might get you the date, but a well thought out gift can get you much more. Even a smartphone, as material and non-romantic as it sounds, will get you more love than those over-priced gas station chocolates and wilting grocery store flower bouquets. (see my quote in yesterday’s Marketwatch story, 5 truly awful Valentine’s Day gifts (thanks to Quentin Fottrell!!).

A recent survey reports that almost 4 in 10 actually want a smartphone for Valentine’s…at least it’s very high on their wish list. And why not? A new smartphone (we suggest a new model, perhaps these iPhone 6 deals, via FatWallet, will help you save a buck) can provide incredible ambience during a private candlelight dinner with romantic music (of course, there is a Romantic Music app), by the fire (via Fireplace Live HD app) and memories from that special V-day selfie hug you share directly to your Instagram app so your friends can be jealous of this “thoughtful” Valentine’s gift…and how romantically useful it was on that special occasion…and hopefully, many more to come.


FINALLY! Twitter launches Vine for the Web


Twitter launches Vine for the Web with profiles, home feed, and a TV mode for viewing videos in full screen – The Next Web.

New year’s goal is to start using Vine. I love the concept and now with a web site, it fits the way I manage my profiles (not into the smartphone “squint” to manage thang). My mobile devices are still just tools for my trusty Macbook Air, which is the most powerful “command central” for many of us…so it’s nice to see Twitter/Vine recognize this.


According to TNW: Twitter promises today’s launch is just version 1.0 and that users should thus expect new features. “This release is just a first step toward bringing you a richer, more enjoyable web experience,” the company says. “We look forward to introducing more improvements in 2014.” #vine #twitter