1017330_10201622220141000_1818418167_nA few years back, I became fascinated with the craft beer invasion, and somewhat naively thought I had intel and experience for tasting these new brews ahead of the masses (consider the company I keep is deliberately musicians and music gear geeks). But at the root of it all, I became addicted to this smart group of master brewers on the cusp of a beer revolution, and highly motivated to lay their claim in the mainstream consumer beer industry.

398621_187685328005915_1299027998_nEnlightenment is good, especially when we’re passionate about something, as I quickly found I was not a seasoned beer drinker. Yet, urged by a really cool bass player, I took up brewing beer, joined the local homebrew club (Forest City Brewers) and became mildly fanatical about this diversion. In 2 short years, I’ve miraculously found time to brew 25+ batches (~130 gal.) of surprisingly good, strong craft beer…”Dry hopping” is awesome fun!

People love to share their beer experiences, top beer lists and links to beer resources (apps, forums, reviews, etc.). So, putting my taste buds to good use, I now blog about good beer. Here’s a list of stories that a bunch of people liked and shared:

>>11 St. Patrick’s Day Beers That Go Down Like a Guinness World Record

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