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T-Mobile solves iPhone 6 upgrade dilemma w/new #BacktoSchool Deal

Retail News: Back to School iPhone Deals JUMP a Grade

T-Mobile-Aback-to-school-dealThanks to an email from our T-Mobile contact, this morning, T-Mobile kicked off its Back to School season with a new iPhone 6 upgrade deal offering $0 down and $15 a month with trade-in. The kicker… T-Mobile guarantees that this offer can “lock-in the price of your next iPhone(before the end of the year).

Translation: Each summer, Apple smartphone users are waiting to hear rumors for what’s coming next with the, now, annual iPhone release in October (because Black Friday doesn’t come soon enough). For Apple geeks, this can be a dilemma…should we buy a new iPhone during back to school discounting, or wait? For T-Mobile customers, problem solved! This new special iPhone offer, (timely for Back to School shoppers looking to arm their student with a smartphone) offers T-Mobile customers who gets a new iPhone 6 now (with JUMP! On Demand) to swap it for the next iPhone release before the end of the year for, well, free. You’re “lock-in” at $15/month and get  to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 (or 6S, 7, whatever) for no additional charges.

If that’s not good enough for deal hunters, FatWallet’s Back to School Tech Deals promotion has increased cash back in the T-Mobile coupons page (now up to $50 additional savings – was $37). NOTE: Annual Shopping Survey from Fatwallet.com reports that 15% of parents plan to buy their kids a smartphone during Back to School sales events this year, while 2 in 3 parents agree that it’s appropriate for teens to have their own smartphone…7% said students should wait and buy their own smartphones (down from 16% in 2014).

Survey: Back to School Laptop Deals Better Than Black Friday

Spending will increase for Back to School needs in 2015: The annual Back to School Shopping Survey from FatWallet asked American parents what’s #1 on their shopping lists, their kids shopping lists, how much they’ll be spending this year and where they plan to shop during Back to school sales. Parents also shared opinions on when they thought students should have their own laptopstablets and smartphones and when to find the best deals.

Back to School Laptop Deals Get A+

In a complete change from last year’s survey, parents rank back to school sales as the best time to find deals on laptops and tablets, over Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals.
BTS Survey grahic-pdfThe experts here at FatWallet would tend to agree with them–while holiday offers some tantalizing price drops on select older tech products with some laptops sinking to the $200, July and August tend to bring sales on higher quality laptops and desktops offering as much as $500 off. Parents overwhelmingly agree that laptops are the best suited computer device to help students learn and succeed.

Full Survey Results (*TNS Global):

9 in 10 parents will spend the same or more this year on back to school.

Q: How much do you plan to spend on school related supplies and products this year?

  • 27% – More than last year
  • 62% – Same as last year
  • 11% – Less than last year

8 in 10 parents will buy new apparel for their children this year for school.

Q: Which back to school shopping items are you planning to purchase this year?

  • 20% – Laptop, tablet or computer
  • 77% – School Supplies
  • 80% – Clothes and shoes
  • 15% – Smartphone/Cell Phone
  • 41% – Textbooks

Note: Last year, supplies slightly outranked clothing and shoes, while this year the need for laptops has risen 33%.

Mobile shopping on the rise for back to school, up 700% from 2014.

Q: How do you plan to shop for school related supplies and products this year?

  • 37% – Online Retailer Sites
  • 16% – Online Coupons/Cash Back Sites
  • 7% – Mobile Shopping App (only 1% in 2014)
  • 91% – In Store

Swag still rules the the school for students of these parents.

Q: Which of the following items do you think kids “want” most for starting school this year?

  • 13% – Laptop
  • 9% – Tablet
  • 16% – Smartphone
  • 13% – School Supplies
  • 41% – Clothes and Shoes

Note: According to parents, more kids want laptops than last year, up nearly 100% (7% in 2014).

Nike is front-runner for brands parents say kids ask for the most for school.

Q: Which brands do kids ask for the most for school?

  • 41% – Nike
  • 31% – Apple
  • 22% – Under Armour
  • 19% – American Eagle
  • 18% – Levi’s
  • 17% – Converse
  • 16% – Forever 21
  • 15% – Samsung
  • 12% – Adidas
  • 6% – Pacsun

Note: Parents think kids want Apple brands twice as much as they want Samsung.

7 in 10 parents say students need their own laptops and tablets for school..

Q: As a parent, what age group does it become more helpful for students to have their own laptop or tablet?

  • 5% Grade School (K-5)
  • 27% Middle School (6-8)
  • 47% High School (9-12)
  • 20% College
  • 1% Wait to buy their own

2/3 of parents say laptops are best suited to help students learn.

Q: Which product is better suited to help most students with their school work?

  • 65% – Laptop
  • 14% – Tablet
  • 12% – Desktop Computer
  • 2% – Smartphone

Back to School sales grade higher than Black Friday for laptop and tablet deals.

Q: Which sales event is most likely to have the best deals on a new Laptop or Tablet for a student?

  • 37% – Back to School Sales
  • 31% – Black Friday Sales
  • 10% – Cyber Monday Sales
  • 4% – December Holiday Sales
  • 6% – After Holiday (or New Years) Sales

Note: 13% offered that other sales have better deals than the bigger holiday sales events.


Q: As a parent, what age group does it become practical for students to have a Smartphone?

  • 3% – Elementary (9 or younger)
  • 16% – Pre Teen (10 -12)
  • 38% – Early Teen (13-15)
  • 34% – Late Teen (16-18)

Note: Only 7% said students should wait and buy their own smartphones, down form 16% in 2014.


Note: *The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of FatWallet.com in June 2015 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older, 50/50 male/female.

Sales Tax Holiday Brings Back to School Savings

August brings Tax Free Weekends in 16 states.

16 states will participate in a sales tax holiday, offering the opportunity to purchase certain school supplies, computers, books and clothing free of state sales or use tax.  Local sales and use tax may apply. Retailers are required to participate and may not charge tax on items that are legally tax-exempt during the Sales Tax Holiday, both in store and online (see links to details for each state in the schedule list below).

Tax-Free-Holiday-blogThe really good news for folks in these states looking to get their kids a new laptop is that parents now rank back to school sales ahead of Black Friday, or any other sales event, as the best time to find laptop deals. (see FatWallet’s annual Back to School Shopping survey). Since the majority of retailers in states offering the sales tax holidays will honor tax free purchases online, FatWallet shoppers have the advantage of to quickly compare hundreds of back to school deals, and add cash back from more than 1600 stores to sweeten the savings!

2015 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

Alabama clothing – $100
computers – $750
school supplies – $50
books – $30
August 7-9
Arkansas clothing – $100
school supplies
August 1-2
Connecticut clothing and footwear – $100 August 16-22
Florida school suppies
clothing – $100
supplies – $15
computers – $750
August 7-16
Georgia school supplies
clothing – $100
supplies – $20
computers – $1,000
July 31 – August 1
Iowa clothing – $100 August 7-8
Maryland clothing & footwear-$100 August 9-15
Mississippi clothing & footwear – $100 July 31-Aug. 1
Missouri clothing – $100
computers – $3,500
school supplies – $50
August 7-9
New Mexico clothing – $100
computers – $1,000
computer equip. – $500
school supplies – $30
August 7-9
Ohio clothing – $75
school supplies – $20
instructional material – $20
August 7-9
Oklahoma clothing – $100 August 7-9
S. Carolina clothing
school supplies
August 7-9
Tennessee clothing – $100
school supplies – $100
computers – $1,500
August 7-9
Texas clothing, backpacks and school supplies- $100 August 7-9
Virginia clothing – $100
school supplies – $20
August 7-9

(updated July 16, 2015)

States not participating in Sales Tax Holidays include: Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.