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#infographic – Wearables / Smartphones Spending Up


New consumer survey from Fatwallet.com reports 50% more wearables are expected to be purchased this year (thx #Applewatch), and half of American adults say they’ll buy a new smartphone at some point in 2015. Another interesting stat shows electronics purchases made with a mobile device expected to increase 21%, and 35% for Millennials. More fun info in the IG. You can grab the embed code at The Skinny, or click on the graphic.


Mobile Devices Infographic


Electronics Deals: 2015 Shopping Survey

50% of Americans will buy new smartphones in 2015


FatWallet’s annual Electronics Shopping Survey (*TNS) asked American adults which products they plan to buy and how much they plan to spend. This year, overall electronics purchases will be higher than 2014 with 75% planning to buy. Consumers will also use online coupon/deal sites when buying electronics 11% more often than last year, 25% for Millennials. See this year’s INFOGRAPHIC and official release.

Millennials are leading the charge into the big March Madness tech sales and beyond, especially for mobile devices, as the Apple Watch becomes available in April. Purchases for electronics deals using mobile devices will increase by 22% overall–35% for Millennials.

Wearables are trending: This year, consumers plan to buy 50% more wearables than a year ago and those surveyed under 30 are 57% more likely to buy wireless tech this year and overall, will buy 42% more wireless or bluetooth headphones and speakers.


Of the HALF of us that will buy smartphones this year (up 4% from 2014):

  • 50% will buy Androids smartphones (up 17%)
  • 40% will buy iPhones (50% for Millennials)
  • 5% will buy Windows phones (down 44%)
  • 7% will buy basic cell phones (down 36%)

Which will have the biggest influence on their new smartphone purchase?

  • 4 in 10 will upgrade existing smartphone
  • 1 in 4 to a different brand
  • 1 in 5 to a bigger screen
  • 21% will buy a new phone in order to lower costs of existing carrier, (28% for females)
  • 12% will buy a new smartphone in order to switch to no-contract


27% plan to buy a new tablet in 2015 (up 8% over 2014), 33% for those with children in the household and 36% for those age 39 or younger.

  • 42% will buy iPads (up 24%)
    • 46% under age 30 (up 15%)
    • 53% will buy iPads for those with children home (up 60%)
  • 15% will buy Windows tablets (down 25%),
    • 4% under age 30 (down 55%)
  • 32% want Android tablets (up 3%)
    • 45% under age 30 (40% above average, up 25% )
  • 10% want a Kindle tablet (down 33%)
    • 6% under age 30 (down 63% )


Of 34% who will buy a new laptop this year (up 30%),

  • 25% will buy HP (down 2%)
    • 16% under age 30 (down 38%)
  • 22% want Dell (down 4%)
    • 16% under age 30 (down 11%)
  • 19% want Apple (up 36%)
    • 29% under age 30 (up 81%)
  • 10% want Samsung (up 11%)
    • 8% under age 30 (down 33%)
  • 6% want Lenovo (up 20%),
    • 11% under age 30 (up 175%)
  • 5% want ASUS (down 17%)
    • 6% under age 30 (down 50%)

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of FatWallet.com in March 2015 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older.

INFOGRAPHIC: Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentines Infographic-thumb2015 Valentine’s Day Spending Stats

The NRF is reports Valentine’s Day spending at $19 billion with more than $142 per person as +60% of consumers say they will celebrate with purchases this year. Ebates.com announced a new Valentine’s survey that reports 39% have smartphones as a top choice for Valentine’s gifts for her, and him. With iPhone6 deals and iPad Air deals will surely creep into Valentine’s gift lists, we fully expect spending to exceed $20 billion this year. The trend to get something techie may not be as romantic as chocolates and flowers, but there are apps that can simulate a whole lot more than taste and fragrance! Traditional gifts will still be a boon for retailers though as half are expected to buy candy and 1/3 or more will once again buy flowers, with males outspending females 2 to 1. The guys may want to visit FatWallet’s Valentine’s Deals to find increased cash back and coupons to help them save some dough!

25 Valentine’s predictions and fun facts that indicate a 2015 shopping spree…of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Read more

1 in 4 Choose to Stream TV Content vs. Cable – INFOGRAPHIC

TV-BUYER-IG-2015-blog-thumb2015 TV Buyers Survey

With one quarter of Americans stating they choose to stream their TV programming over cable, or other available options (antenna, DVD/Bluray, etc), the T-commerce revolution seems to be in full swing, especially with so many choices and options for consumers to send TV and movie content to their big screens. It would be a mistake to not have these choices to consume media on a TV set. With smart TVs and streaming media devices in high demand, and availability, many of us have several streaming options on our TVs. How many of you have a smart TV, a smart Blurry player, a Roku or Apple TV and an Xbox One all hooked into one TV?

It’s no wonder that the new infographic below, displaying results from FatWallet’s annual TV Buyers survey by TNS (see full results, and 2014 results) reveals nearly one quarter (24%) now stream the majority of their TV content (43% of those under age 30). Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Shoppers Rank Cyber Monday Deals and Savings

A new national survey about Cyber Monday shopping behavior from FatWallet.com (*TNS) reports that shoppers think Cyber Monday deals ranks #2 only to Black Friday deals. The survey also reveals that 54% of 2014 Cyber Monday shoppers plan to buy holiday gifts, while 1 in 4 will shop Cyber Monday sales looking for “gifts” for themselves. 26% will start looking for Cyber Monday discounts early on Sunday, and while 38% will jump to shop Monday morning, 32% expect to shop after Monday during Cyber Week (Tue-Fri). Visit FatWallet.com to compare all the hottest holiday deals (and Black Friday deals) and make them even better by adding cash back from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Kohl’s.

*The national survey conducted online by TNS Global on behalf of FatWallet.com in OCT 2014 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older.

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