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Mobile drives tech growth for the next 24 months, say Execs

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Mobile is “Prime” for everything

As consumer look to their mobile devices for just about everything – from getting the majority of their media and entertainment to learning and sharing to controlling their homes, autos and wallets – it’s not a huge surprise that the executives of the tech world rank mobile #1 for segment growth for the next couple of years (KPMG June 2015 study). Mobile carriers are sweetening the pot, with “no contract” deals for the whole family, and even T-mobile’s latest #backtoschool deal to offer those buying the current iPhone 6 a free upgrade come the release of iPhone 6S pre-Black Friday.

Due to Amazon’s recent Prime Day success, it’s not too far fetched to expect a weekly Prime Day come November, and possibly a Prime Day mobile app, or a Walmart Dare to Compare app, or both. Indeed, mobile drives tech growth, and mobile commerce growth. I know what I would do.

Chart via Statista:

growth drivers in tech 2015