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T-Mobile solves iPhone 6 upgrade dilemma w/new #BacktoSchool Deal

Retail News: Back to School iPhone Deals JUMP a Grade

T-Mobile-Aback-to-school-dealThanks to an email from our T-Mobile contact, this morning, T-Mobile kicked off its Back to School season with a new iPhone 6 upgrade deal offering $0 down and $15 a month with trade-in. The kicker… T-Mobile guarantees that this offer can “lock-in the price of your next iPhone(before the end of the year).

Translation: Each summer, Apple smartphone users are waiting to hear rumors for what’s coming next with the, now, annual iPhone release in October (because Black Friday doesn’t come soon enough). For Apple geeks, this can be a dilemma…should we buy a new iPhone during back to school discounting, or wait? For T-Mobile customers, problem solved! This new special iPhone offer, (timely for Back to School shoppers looking to arm their student with a smartphone) offers T-Mobile customers who gets a new iPhone 6 now (with JUMP! On Demand) to swap it for the next iPhone release before the end of the year for, well, free. You’re “lock-in” at $15/month and get  to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 (or 6S, 7, whatever) for no additional charges.

If that’s not good enough for deal hunters, FatWallet’s Back to School Tech Deals promotion has increased cash back in the T-Mobile coupons page (now up to $50 additional savings – was $37). NOTE: Annual Shopping Survey from Fatwallet.com reports that 15% of parents plan to buy their kids a smartphone during Back to School sales events this year, while 2 in 3 parents agree that it’s appropriate for teens to have their own smartphone…7% said students should wait and buy their own smartphones (down from 16% in 2014).