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You a Cheap Valentine? “Smart” Lovers Buck Up


“She loves me, she loves my texts”

Valentines-spending-bsWinning over your Valentine this year may just come down to a fat wallet, in that, choosing the right Valentine’s gift for her, or him, is a strategy that needs your attention. Charm and good looks might get you the date, but a well thought out gift can get you much more. Even a smartphone, as material and non-romantic as it sounds, will get you more love than those over-priced gas station chocolates and wilting grocery store flower bouquets. (see my quote in yesterday’s Marketwatch story, 5 truly awful Valentine’s Day gifts (thanks to Quentin Fottrell!!).

A recent Ebates.com survey reports that almost 4 in 10 actually want a smartphone for Valentine’s…at least it’s very high on their wish list. And why not? A new smartphone (we suggest a new model, perhaps these iPhone 6 deals, via FatWallet, will help you save a buck) can provide incredible ambience during a private candlelight dinner with romantic music (of course, there is a Romantic Music app), by the fire (via Fireplace Live HD app) and memories from that special V-day selfie hug you share directly to your Instagram app so your friends can be jealous of this “thoughtful” Valentine’s gift…and how romantically useful it was on that special occasion…and hopefully, many more to come.


Valentine’s Predictions Call for Smartphones and Sweets: Fun Facts

Heart made of few dollar papersWith consumer confidence on the rise as we enter February this year, the forecast for Valentine’s spending is looking to flirt with history, possibly exceeding the $20 Billion mark for the first time. Strong year over year trends for shoppers to buy non-traditional, expensive tech items as Valentine’s gifts like smartphones and tablets helps lead to this conclusion. Add a new survey from our sister company, Ebates.com, which reported that 38% want smartphones as a Valentine’s gift this year. Read more

What to buy in February 2015: Savings Tips

FEB-trends-2015-blogSaving in the winter is about knowing what to buy in February.

Even though the horn sounds on Super Bowl sales (as more than a million TVs sell during pre-game on Sunday, Feb. 1), HDTV prices continue to drop. Retailers’ elevate clearance on their TV deals the first week or two of FEB, making room for new inventory announced at CES in JAN. Expect 20-30% savings on many 55” or larger smart TVs during the Bog Game sales events and post-game.

The move towards smart, or wifi enabled TVs isn’t a surprise, as Fatwallet’s 2015 TV Buyers Survey reports that of the 26% of us that will buy new TVs this year, more than 4 in 10 want smart TVs  (up 29% over 2014) and 1 in 4 said they choose to stream their TV programming. With consumers focused on streaming more media content, FEB presents an excellent time to buy Streaming media devices and accessories, like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (if in stock) and HDMI and A/V cables to get them connected to your TV and the internet. Read more