Who Cares…When your dead: Facebook Heirs

Go ahead, poke me…I ain’t feelin it!

facebook-heirsAnd to my dearest old friend, I leave you my most prized possession…my Facebook profile. All I ask is that you do everything in your power to get me banned for life! Yes, Facebook Heirs we’re just announced…perhaps it’s the social media giant’s way to create their own version of the Walking Dead…if you will?

Poking aside, Facebook users can name a “legacy” to oversee aspects of their account after they die. Good idea? It’s not new (see Google “inactive account managers”), but as a user, it’s a rather nice option. Do you think the FB has the audacity to feature ads for funeral services on your estate profile?

Geoffrey Fowler of the WSJ has a great read on this new feature, offering full details of legacy permissions and his excellent insight.

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